Check This Out

Sunday, October 9th

There is so much happening at ValleyPoint!  I wish that I had the space to tell you everything.  Here is just a quick update.  Life Groups are rolling, and they are helping people experience real relationships.  People are connecting and growing in their faith together. The Bethel Road Campus is filled with many middle and high school students on Sunday nights for their gatherings.  Kids arrive at ValleyPoint every Sunday with an excitement that is contagious.  It’s fun to watch!  I have been meeting so many new attenders.  There are already several who have never known us as anything but ValleyPoint Church!  Just last Sunday, we were 42% higher in our attendance than one year ago.  The best part of all is that 19 people have trusted Christ in recent weeks!  Amazing.

This weekend is going to be fun!  We have rearranged a few things so this will be a great Sunday to be on time and in the auditorium when we begin!  Come a few minutes early to connect with friends, get your kids signed-in, and grab a cup of coffee.  We conclude “Respectable Sins” this week by looking at James chapter 3.  It’s an interesting topic.  Austin Sisk, our worship director, will also be introducing one of the new songs that he recently wrote.  Don’t miss this Sunday!

Our Free Family Fun Fest and our Grand Opening as ValleyPoint Church is close!  October 15-16 is going to be memorable.  Who are you inviting?  Begin to think now of those you want to experience ValleyPoint Church and invite them to join you for a great weekend.