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What Lies Beneath

The story of Jonah in Scripture is truly fascinating. It’s mysterious. It gives us a good laugh. It raises a lot of questions. It seems that most people know something of the story of a man and the “big fish.” But what should we do with this story?

When you dig into the story, it begs you to “jump in” and participate. It begs you to personalize the questions. It begs you to take a look at what may lie beneath the surface of our own lives that would cause us to keep God at a comfortable distance.

Jonah’s a lot like us in many ways. He runs. He gets mad. He becomes preoccupied with himself. He forgets. He grumbles. There’s a lot going on below the surface of his life that no one sees. No one but God.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we look at what lies beneath our actions, motives, and thoughts.

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