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“Core Values” – Sunday, November 20th – Sunday, November 27th

Core Values by definition are “principles that guide”. To keep it real simple, Core Values provide a path on which to travel. Core Values are those things that help define, drive, and determine.

They define who we are. They drive how we function. They determine what gets celebrated. Core Values actually give us an excuse to throw a party! When we stay on “the path” that our core values have set before us…party time!

Core Values are so much more than just a bunch of words thrown together that look good as a wall decoration. They should define, drive, and determine.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we share our Core Values – values filled with action, commitment, and alignment!

Listen To Core Values


Here is a video promo for the series:

Our Core values direct how ValleyPoint functions as a church. There are 6 Core Values that we strive to achieve as a church. In this 2 week series, we will unpack what these are and how we can use them to reach our community and beyond.

  • Embrace People
    We welcome, include, and love people without expecting anything in return.
  • Live Authentic
    We are transparent and honest about how we are real people dealing with real struggles.
  • Engage Culture
    We are not afraid to leverage culture in an effort to communicate God’s amazing love.
  • Apply Truth
    We are passionate about applying biblical truth so it makes a difference in how we live.
  • Empower People
    We give everyone the opportunity use their life to make a significant, powerful, and lasting difference.
  • Live Generously
    We intentionally use our time and resources to meet needs in our local community and around the world.