Check This Out

“In Bounds”…coming on Sunday, January 29th!

We begin a brand new series this Sunday called “In Bounds.”  I can’t wait to share this with you.  Boundaries are unique because they have a way of keeping things in place.  They provide sight lines that determine where you can and can’t go.  Unfortunately, when we think of boundaries, we often see them as limiting, binding, or confining. Boundaries limit us in games and in life.  Or…do they?  The reality is that boundaries don’t restrict.  They define where we get to play.  They actually allow us to enjoy the game, move with freedom, and win!  We begin this Sunday by looking at the life of Daniel.  He definitely lived an “in bounds” kind of life (and we can too).  You can find his story in Daniel 1.

  • You are invited to our first Night of Worship in 2012 this Sunday, January 29th at 6pm.  This night will give us the chance to experience meaningful worship. communion, and a time to hear how God is giving us the chance to point people to real relationships that inspire real significance!  KidPoint environments will be provided for kids birth-5th grade.
  • Let’s talk Guatemala!  I’m so excited about the group from ValleyPoint that will be sharing their lives with others!  It’s amazing.  Even if you can’t go on this compassion trip, you can still help.  You can drop off needed items like eyeglasses (prescription or non prescription – old frames), Neosoporin, Tylenol, Advil, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, crayons, silly bands, and granola bars in the lobby on Sunday morning for the next two weeks.

See you on Sunday!