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Time Change Sunday & unSmall

I’m still fired up from what we experienced last Sunday at ValleyPoint!  We wrapped up “Really” with a challenge from Matthew 5 to be salt and light.  I loved the stories.  I love what God is doing right here, and how He is using people to direct attention to Him!  If you didn’t get the chance to experience last week, you can listen here.

Don’t forget to “spring ahead” this Saturday night!  We don’t want you to miss the start of “unSmall.”  Ever dream of doing something great with your life?  Ever wonder what it would be like to give people something to talk about – in a good way?  Do you dream of having big impact, but think it will never happen because you don’t move in the right circles?  Lasting impact may be just a small choice away because an everyday commitment to obey God gives us the opportunity for a “not so small” kind of life.  Small choices directed by God have the potential to lead to big impact.  When we place our small lives in the hands of a big God, we get the opportunity to be used by God in ways that are disproportionate to who we are.  And this is a good thing!

Over the next four weeks we will investigate the lives of four Old Testament characters that don’t have the “big name.”  They don’t come with attention grabbing headlines.  However, they had the kind of impact that can’t really be measured.  They lived an unSmall kind of life simply because they chose obedience over convenience.  We’ll begin this week with a look at a guy named Hezekiah.  You can find his story in 2 Chronicles 29-32.

See you on Sunday at 9:15 or 11am!