Check This Out

Start the climb!

Dear ValleyPoint,

We wrap up “The Generosity Ladder” this Sunday.  I’m excited about sharing from Matthew 6:19-21.  There is an amazing financial principle found in those verses that can make a huge difference.  Check that out when you get the chance today, and then come ready to start the climb on the generosity ladder.  I’m going to conclude our time by answering some frequently asked questions about “the green stuff.”

Don’t forget about our Membership Class this Wednesday, May 9th.  The Membership Class will give you perspective on the unique vision we have.  This class will also give you the information needed to become a member as well as give you time to ask any questions you may have about ValleyPoint.  You can sign-up here.

Bradley Brittain, our new student director, is officially here to stay!  Students in 6th-12th grade will get the chance to interact with him on Sunday night at the Bethel Road Campus from 6:00-7:30pm.  We’re thrilled to have Bradley on our staff team, and we’re looking forward to watching our student ministry have great impact!

See you on Sunday!