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The Cell – Our Current Teaching Series

We all cart burdens that we were never designed to carry.  Often we allow these burdens to weigh us down.  They make us weary, powerless and isolated.  When these burdens are not released, they lead us to a prison cell of darkness.  Unfortunately, “The Cell” becomes the new normal.  It becomes home.  The suffocating presence of this new home crushes our dreams and throws us into misery.  It’s a place that’s hard to leave.  It’s also a place we can’t get out of on our own.  We need…a shepherd.

Join ValleyPoint as we use the ancient words of the twenty-third Psalm to escape “The Cell.”  We’ll take a look at some of the most famous words ever penned.  Words that inspire.  Words that encourage.  Words that comfort.  Words that lead us out of “The Cell.”