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“Great Aim” continues. Can’t wait to see you!

Great Aim continues this weekend by looking at a fascinating story found in Judges 9.  I’m looking forward to talking with everyone this Sunday about how God wants us to move through life with purpose, meaning, and impact.  That can happen when we intentionally choose to have “Great Aim” with our lives!  If you missed the opening talk in this series, you can listen here.  Invite someone to fill the chair next to you, and let’s have a fantastic day!

Here are three other reminders!

  • The generosity this past Sunday was amazing (read my blog post about it here).  There were more shoes than those two barrells could handle!  Shoes were everywhere.  We also collected 1,323.9 pounds of food that was delivered to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry.  Thanks for making our first “Love Day” memorable.  Save the date for Saturday, October 20th.  That’s our next “Love Day.”  Watch for specific details in the weeks to come on how you’ll be able to go, serve, and love!
  • The student ministry (6th-12th grade students) at ValleyPoint has launched and is now meeting every Wednesday night at the Bethel Road Campus from 7-8pm.  Your students will not want to miss out on this night designed just for them and their friends.    Student Life Groups are getting ready to launch and will meet on Sunday nights a few times a month. Instead of meeting at our Bethel Road Campus, we’ll meet at 2 different houses around the Garnet Valley area, 1 house for high school students and 1 house for middle school students.  Students will have a time to hang out, play games, snack, chat etc, and then break off into gender specific groups consisting of 8-10 students and at least 1 adult leader.  All leaders have been through a interview and background check process.  These leaders will act as mentors, focused on the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our students.  CLICK HERE to register for a student life group.

See you on Sunday!


Sunday’s Set List:

    • We Unite   (Elevation Worship)
    • Stand In Awe   (Hillsong)
    • Always  (Kristian Stanfill)
    • No One Higher/The Stand   (Steve Fee)

Click here to download this set list and listen before Sunday!