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Listen To “O Little Town”

The story of Advent is one that still captivates. It still delights. It still fascinates. It’s the ultimate narrative of God arriving at the right time to rescue people. And it all happened through a baby! An infant was unexpected and not what people had in mind for a rescue plan. A baby is kind of “out there” when it comes to the grand scheme of rescuing things.

The Advent is much more than just the arrival of a new baby. It is much more than a description of a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter trying to find their way as new parents. It is much more than a stable filled with animals, or shepherds being surprised during a regular task, or wise men searching for the wise one. Advent continues to be the story of God’s amazing plan to break into our world and rescue us.

Remarkably, it all happened in a little town. Common places. Common people. This is Advent. This is God’s story. No matter how unremarkable of a place you’ve come from, or how unimpressive you feel, everything changes when God breaks into your world.

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