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Listen To Frantic Families

Frantic.  Reactive.  Scattered.  Chaotic.  Stressed.  Ever feel that way about your family?  Perhaps you find yourself functioning as if your whole strategy when it comes to family is “let’s just do what needs to be done.”  Can’t we do more than just survive though?  Can’t we do better than just what needs to be done?  Can’t we actually enjoy this remarkable organization called family?

It’s possible, and it can happen.  Join ValleyPoint Church, as we’ll be investigating realistic ways to make family meaningful, satisfying, and yes, even enjoyable!

  1. January 27:  Frantic Families – husbands & wives.  How can husbands and wives focus and lead their families?
  1. February 3:  Frantic Families – parenting.  How can a “rallying cry” help your family (at every stage) survive?
  1. February 10:  Frantic Families – the “off-script” family.  How can families that don’t fit into the “perfect” category succeed?

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