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Who Else Wants A Great Marriage?

I’m excited for you to hear from our guest speaker, Tim Chambers at ValleyPoint tomorrow.  Tim helped lead our marriage conference with his wife Donna this weekend, and you’re in for a great conversation on how to build and strengthen your marriage.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Tim this weekend:

“In a great relationship, you go to ridiculous lengths to fix the gaps and believe the best about the other person.”

I hope that you’ll join us on Sunday, January 27th as we launch our new series called “Frantic Families” with Tim Chambers.  We’ll spend the next three weeks thinking through the following:

> January 27:  Frantic Families – husbands & wives.  How can husbands and wives focus and lead their families?

> February 3:  Frantic Families – parenting.  How can a “rallying cry” help your family (at every stage) survive?

> February 10:  Frantic Families – the “off-script” family.  How can families that don’t fit into the “perfect” category succeed?

Fantastic job with submitting your life verses last week.  What a sight to see so many making the choice to embed Scripture.  Keep at it!  See you on Sunday! 

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • For The World  (Austin Sisk)
    • Stand In Awe  (Hillsong)
    • United  (Austin Sisk)
    • Came To My Rescue  (Hillsong)