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Real Relationships – Real Significance – this Sunday @ ValleyPoint

On Sunday we wrap up the “Take” series with a look at a meal that Jesus shared with his followers.  You’ll find this story in Mark 14.  The use of the word “take” in this paragraph is most unique, and we’ll be investigating the words of Jesus.  We will also remember Christ’s atoning death on our behalf as we celebrate Communion at all services.  This is going to be a memorable experience during the Lent season.  Invite a friend to join you this week (you can invite right from our website!).

A few updates:

Update #1:  Don’t forget to “spring ahead” this Saturday night!  More daylight…YESSSS!  We’ll see you at 9:15 or 11am.

Update #2:  The CoffeeHouse Gospel this past week was an absolute blast!  I love these events as they give us the chance to simply get together and challenge each other to do the kinds of things that Jesus would do.  296 names were presented at our two nights.  These names represent people that we are praying for and hoping to invite to experience Easter at ValleyPoint.  That’s outstanding!  Even if you didn’t get the chance to attend, who are you inviting?  Begin to pray for them now and then extend that invite!

Update #3:  It’s time to pull out the life verse and review!  Do you remember what you chose?  Allow those words to encourage, challenge, and motivate.  If you haven’t chosen a piece of Scripture, it’s not too late.  Here is a list of the 100 most viewed Bible verses at

I’m excited about chasing real relationships and real significance!  See you on Sunday.

– Eric