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Palm Sunday Experience At ValleyPoint!

Join us this week for our Palm Sunday experience. We will conclude our teaching series “Clearing the Way” by taking a look at the story of the very first Palm Sunday. Check out the story here. We will uncover some very symbolic and meaningful thoughts about how Jesus cleared the way for us to have a relationship with God.

On this day we will also have our kids (PreK-5th grade) involved in our gatherings with us. Get your kids there on time so that they don’t miss this opportunity to help us remember this day in history that celebrates King Jesus! Invite your friends and family by email, Facebook, or twitter right here.

On Friday we had a team of over 30 people from ValleyPoint head to Guatemala on a compassion trip. They will be doing a few things on this trip. They will build a brand new orphanage which will serve as a safe and clean home for kids who have no home. They will also set up temporary medical centers to provide basic medical needs for communities who have no doctors. They will love on kids whose families have been marginalized by poverty. Remember this team in prayer as they have a lot of work to do between now and Thursday when they return.

Do not miss this day, and this opportunity to remember the days leading up to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for us. This Easter season, remember to take some time to stop, reflect, and thank God for all He has done for you.

This Sunday’s Set List:

    • You Are  (Todd Fields)
    • Our God  (Chris Tomlin)
    • Hosanna – Praise Is Rising  (Brenton Brown)
    • This Is Our God  (Hillsong)