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How can you increase your influence and impact? Find out this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Jesus…my reward…my desire…my King continues this Sunday with an investigation of John 1:35-51 (it’s not too late to read that before Sunday…give it a shot!).  We’ll be talking about how Jesus was consumed with leading.  Three leadership thoughts will be pulled from the paragraph that will encourage us all.  Invite a friend to fill the chair next to you this Sunday.  Inviting matters…extend that invitation.

OK…here are three other items for you!

#1:  Our next “Love Day” is this Sunday, May 19th.  We have a great opportunity to partner with the Delaware County Pregnancy Center’s “Annual Baby Bottle Campaign.”  On Sunday, pick up an empty baby bottle in the lobby after either gathering time.  Take it to work, leave it at home, or in the car.  Fill it with change and return to either gathering on Sunday, June 16th.  Your gift will be used to connect women who are in need with pregnancy support services, parenting education, maternity, and baby supplies.  It’s simple.  Just grab a bottle, and fill it with change knowing that it will make a difference.

#2:  Special guest speaker Bethany Pipping will be with us on Sunday, May 26th.  Bethany is a young church leader who loves to dig deep into Scripture, discover the details that take a familiar story from black and white to high definition, and then connect the dots from the Biblical era to our lives.  Bethany lives outside Chicago and works at Willow Creek Community Church as the Communication Specialist for the Compassion and Justice Ministry.  Don’t miss this weekend!

#3:  Ready to take the next step in your friendship with Jesus?  You are invited to celebrate that choice and declare your faith publicly at our next baptism event on Sunday, June 9th.  You’ll be able to sign-up on your connection card this Sunday.  We’d love to have you participate!

I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • Let Me Sing  (Todd Fields)
    • Alive  (Austin Sisk)
    • My Reward  (Kristian Stanfil)
    • Never Once  (Matt Redman)