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Memorial Day Weekend @ ValleyPoint!

This weekend we will continue with “Jesus…my reward…my desire…my King.”   In addition to having Bethany Pipping with us this weekend – a special guest speaker, our programming team will honor those who have served in our military. It will be a full weekend at ValleyPoint that will also include a unique time of worship that’s going to be memorable (you may be surprised), as well as a chance to remember those whose hearts were broken by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma this past week.

Special guest speaker Bethany Pipping is a young church leader who loves to dig deep into Scripture, discover the details that take a familiar story from black and white to high definition, and then connect the dots from the Biblical era to our lives.  Bethany lives outside Chicago and works at Willow Creek Community Church as the Communication Specialist for their Compassion and Justice Ministry.

OK…two more things for you.  Don’t stop reading!

#1:  I want to say thanks to everyone who took a baby bottle last Sunday.  We gave out 240 bottles that will be used from now until Father’s Day (June 16th) to collect change for the Delaware County Pregnancy Center’s “Annual Baby Bottle Campaign.”  Don’t forget to take these bottles to work, leave it at home, or just leave it in the car.  Return to either gathering on Sunday, June 16th.  Your gift will be used to connect women who are in need with pregnancy support services, parenting education, maternity, and baby supplies.  It’s simple.  I’m so proud of ValleyPoint for being willing to support and help those serving our community.  Great job!

#2:  Ready to take the next step in your friendship with Jesus?  You are invited to celebrate that choice and declare your faith publicly at our next baptism event on Sunday, June 9th.  You’ll be able to sign-up on your connection card this Sunday.  We’d love to have you participate!

I’m looking forward to hosting our gatherings this Sunday.  See you soon.  Invite a friend to join you! 

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • Never Once  (Matt Redman)
    • Center  (Charlie Hall)
    • My Reward  (Kristian Stanfil)
    • Alive  (Austin Sisk)