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Red Sea Rules #8 and a call to prayer – this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

I can hardly wait for this Sunday at ValleyPoint!  Week #8 of Red Sea Rules will take us on the great journey of actually seeing God’s people cross the sea with a monumental step of faith!  I want to thank you for being on this great journey with us over the summer months.  Don’t miss the week we see a group of frightened people move from fear to faith!  Speaking of journeys…our family is back from our travels, and I’m thrilled to be teaching again this Sunday!  You have been missed, and I’m really looking forward to some great gatherings at ValleyPoint.

In addition to thinking through how we can trust God to deliver in His own unique way (that’s our big rule for this week!), I’ll also be calling our entire church to join me in praying for ValleyPoint for 15 straight days.  Starting on Sunday, August 11th, and concluding on Sunday, August 25th, we’re going to pray for our bold step of faith in building a permanent home on our Bethel Road Campus!  A 15 day prayer guide has been designed with Scripture and prayers to help direct our requests with specificity!  These 15 days are important for our faith community.  Again…don’t miss this Sunday as we join together on this special prayer journey.

So excited to see you again!

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • You Never Let Go   (Matt Redman)
    • Never Once   (Matt Redman)
    • This Is Our God    (Hillsong)
    • Always   (Kristian Stanfil)