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ValleyPoint – are you ready for our Love Day kick-off?!!

I am eager to unpack another set of frequently asked questions this Sunday.  Come early this week, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, and then we’ll engage in discovering answers to some interesting questions!  Invite someone to join you this week!

This is also the kick-off of our Love Days!  These are some of the most exciting events that happen at ValleyPoint.  It’s our chance to serve others and do something significant without expecting anything in return.  This Love Day is a collection event, and we’re partnering with two fantastic organizations that have a huge heart for loving and helping others.  Simply bring these items with you on Sunday, leave them in the lobby at the designated collection areas, and we’ll take care of the rest!  Our partners for this Love Day:

CityTeam, in Chester, PA, reaches out to those in need of a hot meal, a safe shelter, and decent clothing. They offer a recovery program for men that are on the road of destruction from drugs and alcohol.  They also connect with low-income families that are in need of an emergency food box to help stretch their income at the end of the month. Mothers with at-risk young children stop by every Wednesday afternoon to receive diapers, formula, and other baby items. This fall they will be offering a safe Halloween alternative for inner city kids in their community. We’re partnering with them to provide a fantastic and fun experience for these kids.  Please bring any individually wrapped candy to share with CityTeam!

> Ebenezer Ministry focuses its work on living out God’s calling in Isaiah 1:17 to “seek justice” in the small, rural district of Kibuku, Uganda.  Ebenezer is home to close to 30 HIV-positive and HIV-affected orphans ranging in ages from infancy to 13, with a long waiting list of other children in need of their services.  Additionally since opening its doors, Ebenezer has begun a preschool, supported widowed women in the village, reached out to the community-at-large with door-to-door prayer, and planted a church. We will partner with them in their efforts by providing these needed items:

  • Soap bars
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrushes
  • Vaseline
  • Cocoa butter lotion
  • Washable diapers
  • Sanitary napkin supplies (re-usable, washable)
  • Vitamins (children’s chewable/gummies and adult/women’s)
  • Laundry detergent (powder)
  • Pens/pencils/Crayons
  • Notebooks/Coloring books
  • Early childhood development school supplies (flashcards, books, etc.)
  • First aid supplies
  • Children’s clothing
  • Deflated Soccer balls (with hand pumps)
  • Children’s Bibles

Again, simply bring any of these items with you and drop them off in the lobby!  Thanks for making a difference.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • Your Love   (Austin Sisk)
    • Closer   (Hillsong)
    • Alive   (Austin Sisk)
    • Anchor   (Hillsong)