Check This Out

Outlaw begins! Don’t miss the opening 7 minutes!

I can’t think of a series that I have been more excited to begin than “Outlaw.”  We’re going to investigate the cultural concept of Jesus.  Our culture wants us to mold Him in such a way that He remains appealing and approachable.  We often want Him to be nothing more than a religious icon that safely sits on a shelf.  He is soft…compassionate… manageable…a threat to no one.  Uniquely, this imagery was not the way that He was often seen by His own culture, nor was it the anticipation of God that His Son would be seen that way.  His own culture saw Him as somewhat of an outlaw…a nonconformist.  He was someone who challenged the common thinking of the day.  I hope that you’ll join us over the next 5 weeks as we look to biblical imagery that presents Jesus as a radical who challenged that religious machinery of His day.  Through His life, ours can be changed!

Don’t miss the opening 7 minutes of each gathering…you might be sad.  Our creative team has worked hard, and we have some fun elements to get us all in the “Outlaw” frame of mind!  If it has been a while since you have asked a family member or friend to come to church with you, this weekend would be a fantastic opportunity for guests to join us!

Other “stuff” happening at ValleyPoint:

> Save the date for our next Love Day – Saturday, October 19th.  On this day we will meet together at our Bethel Road Campus at 8:30am.  There you will be able to choose from a number of serving opportunities.  There will be some that are child friendly so you can serve together as a family.  Come partner with us as we go, serve, and love our surrounding communities together.

> “Home Run” Movie Night – Tuesday, October 1st, 7pm.  Home Run is an inspiring faith-based movie that serves as a powerful reminder that with God, it’s never too late.  Freedom is possible.  This church-wide event will be hosted by ValleyPoint’s Celebrate Recovery life group at our Bethel Road Campus.

Sunday’s Set List:

    • Anchor   (Hillsong)
    • Desert Song   (Hillsong)
    • Closer   (Hillsong)