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Outlaw part 2…the next Love Day…all coming to ValleyPoint Church!

We experienced a great launch to our Outlaw series this past Sunday!  Great energy, a great crowd, and a memorable intro made it a fun day.  If you missed the opening, we’re back at it this week with part two!  This second week will walk us through “the showdown” of the ages between God and Satan.  No showdown is bigger.  No showdown impacts all of us in greater ways.  We’ve got a great day planned, and I can’t wait to share with you!

One of the things that we love doing around ValleyPoint is something called “Love Days.”  Our next Love Day event is Friday and Saturday, October 18th & 19th.  On these days we’ll have the opportunity to go, serve, and love the communities around us!  I’m super excited about our partners for this month, and how God is going to use us to restore, repair, and bring hope!  Start thinking and planning now how you can take a few hours of your time to make a difference!  Here’s our list of partners:

Garnet Valley High School – Friday, October 18thProject:  Homecoming cleanup.  Let’s help our neighbors with picking up the trash after the high school homecoming football game.

Delaware County Pregnancy Center) – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Rake, weed, edge the garden beds and spread mulch.  Also, on the inside vacuum, mop, dust, clean windows, deep clean the kitchen. Bring your garden tools, cleaning buckets and old rags.  The DCPC exists to help women make an informed decision regarding their pregnancy.

The Basic Center Program – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Paint 5 bedrooms and 1 dining/living room.  Located in West Philadelphia, the Basic Center Program offers prevention, intervention and emergency housing services for teen girls under the age of 18 who have run away, are homeless or at risk of being a runaway and/or homeless youth.

Rachel Kohl Library – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Dust book shelves and books.

The Plank House in Marcus Hook – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Paint front porch, yard cleanup, toss scrap wood, gather up and store scaffolding pipes.  The Marcus Hook Preservation Society Mission is to care for and preserve the Plank House and interpret for the public it’s legendary connection with pirates on the Delaware River.

Sunday Breakfast Mission – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Weave privacy grids in chain link fence and do some work in the warehouse. Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the homeless, addicted and impoverished through Christ-centered programs to meet their spiritual, social and physical needs.

Widows or Single Ladies – Saturday, October 19th.  Project:  Small maintenance projects or chores around the homes of widows/single ladies in the area.  We will be helping the widows or single ladies in the area complete home maintenance or chores around their house. These projects are those they are not able to get done or physically cannot do and need someone to help.

See you on Sunday!

– Eric


Sunday’s Set List:

    • Never Once   (Matt Redman)
    • Anchor   (Hillsong)
    • Jesus Paid It All   (Kristian Stanfil)
    • Closer   (Hillsong)