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What’s a Big Deal To You? We’re talking about it this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

What’s a big deal to you?  We’d probably all respond to that in different ways.  Family, health, work, financial freedom, or happiness may be some of our initial answers.  Is there more?  Here at ValleyPoint, there are some things that are a big deal to us.  We describe them as our faith catalysts.  These are the things that drive us as a faith community.  These are things that are at the core of how we function.  It’s what we celebrate.  I want to personally invite you to join us throughout the month of November as we unpack and celebrate our faith catalysts.  These catalysts are truly a “Big Deal” and they may just change us!

Here are three really important events coming to ValleyPoint.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

> The next baptism is coming soon!  I love these days as they are filled with energy and celebration.  If you’ve trusted in Christ alone to save you and are interested in declaring your faith publicly, please sign up for our next baptism event that will take place at the Garnet Valley Middle School swimming pool on Sunday, November 17th Sign up to be baptized here.

> Prayer walk on our Bethel Road property – Sunday, November 10th.  This prayer walk is a unique opportunity to look into the future and dream about building a “Real Home!”  What’s a prayer walk?  It’s simple…after each gathering, make the short drive to our Bethel Road Campus and participate at five prayer stations that will be a fun and interactive experience.  You’ll be able to do this with your family, friends, or even on your own.  The walk will take approximately 20 minutes.  It will also include some take home thoughts that you’ll be able to use throughout the week.  This is a vitally important event for our church and for our future!  Use this time to prepare yourself for our future “Real Home.”

>  Our next Love Day – Sunday, November 10th. For this Love Day, we will be partnering with Sunday Breakfast Mission, located in Wilmington, DE. Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the homeless, addicted and impoverished through Christ-centered programs to meet their spiritual, social and physical needs. Their primary goal is to restore people to a right relationship with God, their families, and society.  Check out this list of food items to bring with you to either gathering on Sunday morning, November 10th.  There will be a drop-off area in the lobby as you enter the middle school.  Help us fill the lobby with food for Sunday Breakfast Mission!

Invite someone to fill the chair next to you this week!  I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

– Eric

Sunday’s Set List:

    • Always   (Kristian Stanfil)
    • Your Love Never Fails  (Jesus Culture)
    • Anchor   (Hillsong)
    • United   (Austin Sisk)