Check This Out

Let’s wrap up “Big Deal” in a “Big Way” this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

This past Sunday at ValleyPoint was a great day!  We had one of the largest attendances of the year.  There was a palpable energy in the lobby as people were connecting and talking.  And…we had seventeen people get baptized!  It really was one of those memorable days.  Only God!  I want to congratulate all those who made the choice to get baptized.  Great job!  I’m proud of you and look forward to watching how God used each and every one of you.  I also want to thank everyone for inviting.  We had several first time guests because of your willingness to ask and extend invites.  Thank you.  Take advantage of this tool from our website to invite others to join you here.

Two reminders:

#1:  This Sunday – we wrap up our “Big Deal” series.  I’ll be sharing from Colossians 1:9-10.  What’s a big deal to God?  How about embracing people, applying truth, and living generously? This passionate prayer in Colossians will both encourage and challenge us to live out these faith catalysts.

#2:  The Advent season is close!  It all begins on Sunday, December 1st.  On this day we’ll be launching a brand new series called “Reinvent Advent.”  Don’t miss a Sunday in December as we light the different candles of the advent wreath and think through practical ways to intentionally experience Advent in  a new way – with less stress and more joy.  Real joy.  Lasting joy.

See you on Sunday!

– Eric