Check This Out

Life Verse conclusion, a fun picture, and communion…this Sunday at ValleyPoint Church!

We conclude “Life Verse” this Sunday, January 26th with a great celebration!  It was so encouraging to see many commit to their life verses.  If you didn’t get the chance to write your life verse last week, it’s not too late.  Our new life verse 2014 display will be in the lobby, and you’ll have the chance to write down your verse there.

Communion…We’ll also be taking time in our experiences to remember all that Jesus has done for us.  Communion will be served which will give us the chance to reflect, pray, and thank Jesus for His sacrifice.  Please read through Joshua 1:6-9 and Joshua 3:5 in preparation for what I’ll be sharing on Sunday.  These are powerful verses.  This time will help prepare us for what’s coming next at ValleyPoint.

What’s coming next?!  On February 2nd, we will begin a very exciting series that will be life changing for ValleyPoint.  This is our chance to take a bold step of faith and build a “Real Home!”  This Sunday, we will be showing a picture of the outside of our future home.  I hope you’ll be there to see it!

A big thanks to all who gave items for our Love Day last Sunday.  We received more than expected!  Thanks for your generosity.   Go.  Serve.  Love.

Invite someone to join you this week.  See you on Sunday!

– Eric