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Real Home…we’re rolling with breakfast this Sunday morning!

Real Home continues this Sunday with this BIG IDEA:  With God we can work together to do something big! This big idea will also be what our kids share on Sunday in their environments. I love the coordination and focus that Real Home has brought to all of our ministries.  Speaking of our kids…one of the resources you can engage your kids with during the Real Home campaign is our Nehemiah brick films. These custom LEGO animations on the story of Nehemiah are available for your family’s viewing pleasure here. These are the same animations your kids see each Sunday in KidPoint. Every Sunday afternoon we release that Sundays animation. Even if you don’t have kids, I think you’ll enjoy these animations!

How about a Real Home breakfast this Sunday from 10-11am? It’s happening in the middle school cafeteria. It’s going to be fun and tasty and will provide a great opportunity to meet others. Here is the guide for what to bring based on last name.

A-E  Juice

F-J  Muffins

K-O  Bagels and cream cheese

P-S  Pastry item

T-Z  Fruit

Thank you! I’m so grateful (and amazed) at the many people at ValleyPoint who selflessly give of themselves to serve others. Go, serve, love…it’s more than something we just say. This mantra is becoming the reality of how we function.  So…

Thank you to all who came out for our Love Day last Saturday. You braved the weather and made a difference.

Thank you to our Dominican Republic team. You gave of yourself this week, and I can’t wait to hear the stories.

 See you on Sunday. Together…toward a Real Home,

– Eric

P.S. We’ve got a unique gift for you this week. It will bring a smile to your face (maybe even a laugh!).