Check This Out

What should you do when you’re disappointed with God? Find out this Sunday!

We talked about inviting last Sunday during our “There’s More” series. There has been a great response to this topic! Thanks for the feedback and questions. The spiritual discipline of evangelism is one that takes time and effort! One of the things I love at ValleyPoint is the growing number of individuals I see using their lives and their stories to reach out to others. Keep at it! And remember…

“How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

Romans 10:15

Enjoy having beautiful feet this week! You’ve got a great opportunity to invite someone to join you this Sunday as we answer the question, “what should I do when I’m disappointed with God?” This is a question that many struggle with in their own lives. Reach out, extend that invitation and let’s get ready for a great Sunday. I’ll also be sharing a Real Home update. Hope to see you there.     

Just For You…

+ Student Ministry (6th-12th grade students): We have an AWESOME activity planned for this Sunday – it’s our own version of “The Amazing Race.” Here are a few key changes/comments for this Sunday:

  • Please arrive at 6pm (instead of the usual 6:30)
  • Wear a bathing suit under your clothes or bring a towel. There is a very high likelihood that at least one person in your team will get wet.
  • Bring a friend! This fun environment provides a great opportunity to invite someone to join you.

+ Women of Faith: The Women of Faith Conference is coming to Philadelphia September 6th & 7th. This event at the Wells Fargo Center is designed for women of all ages. The tickets are $81. A deposit of $40 will reserve your ticket. Connect with other ladies from ValleyPoint and be changed. Stop by “Just For You” this Sunday to reserve your ticket and get more information.      

See you on Sunday. I’m looking forward to sharing a great story with you!