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“Everest” Vacation Bible School 2015

Monday, June 22nd – Friday, June 26th – 6-9pm

Online registration is closed however, you can register as you drop your kids off for “Everest.” Please come inside to register.

Get ready to summit “Everest” Vacation Bible School! Here, kids embark on an icy expedition to conquer challenges with God’s mighty power! It’s an avalanche of rock-solid Bible truths to equip kids for life’s most demanding expeditions. Join us as we transform ValleyPoint Church’s Bethel Road Campus into the majestic Himalayan Mountains full of icy colors, craggy terrain, and breathtaking views that kids will be excited to explore. At Everest VBS, kids enter an epic adventure that will empower them to know and show that Jesus loves you. God’s victorious power isn’t “just a campfire tale” – it changes kids forever!

Everest will help kids discover God’s Word in a fun and unforgettable way! Each day, kids learn a single Bible Point that is reinforced with a Bible verse and Bible story–which makes it super easy for kids to remember what they learned.

Kids really do learn best through interactive experiences–and that’s why you’ll love Everest VBS! Each day, your kids will rotate through activity stations with their Climbing Crews (small groups)–which are designed to reinforce the Bible Point of that day in a hands-on, fun way that will keep even your 5th grade boys engaged!

Each part of VBS is intentionally designed to connect your kids to God, create change in their hearts, and provide them with actionable ways to share God’s love with others. After a week at VBS, your kids will be equipped to live out their faith, taking home what they learned–and share God’s amazing love with their friends.