Check This Out

We are talking about construction this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

We enter into an exciting part of The Story this Sunday. What God’s people are experiencing parallels what we are currently walking through as a church. God’s people are given the chance to return to their hometown and begin a construction project! God even provides for their venture in unique ways (just like he has for us!). How will they respond?  What we will discover on Sunday is that they started strong but in time turned their attention to other endeavors. What was important to God became unimportant to them.

There are a few twists and turns in the plot, but God’s people eventually returned to full obedience. This allowed them to take part in a monumental work – the rebuilding of the Temple! It is interesting that we find ourselves reading through Ezra at this time in our church history. Let’s not forget…GOD IS WITH US! If you want to get “fired-up” before Sunday, read Ezra 6:13-22. I am very excited to share with you.

Also…we have a highlight video from our two teams that recently returned from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

You are loved ValleyPoint. See you on Sunday!