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Jesus asked great questions. We’re talking about those questions this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Jesus asked great questions. His questions forced people to think. His questions brought clarity. His questions emphasized the truth about his mission. On Sunday, we will look at two questions Jesus asked in Luke 9. These questions will form the backdrop for our conversation as we continue THE STORY. Here is your homework…read through Luke 9:18-21 before Sunday. It will help prepare you as we dig deeper into the person of Jesus. If you are following along in THE STORY book, we will cover chapter 25.

I am very excited about this talk! Please make plans to be at ValleyPoint this Sunday as I share four possible answers to the relevant questions Jesus asked in Luke 9.

Just For You…                             

+ Men of Ice: Next meeting – this Saturday, April 9th at 7:30am. All men are invited, and breakfast will be served. Men of Ice meets at the Bethel Road Campus.

+ Love Day – Collection on Sunday, April 17th: We will partner with UrbanPromise in Wilmington, DE. This summer, UrbanPromise will host free summer camps for the children of Wilmington. ValleyPoint has the opportunity to provide supplies to help make these camps successful. You can bring your item(s) with you to either gathering on Sunday, April 17th.

Bring a friend with you this week. I will see you on Sunday!