Check This Out

Hello ValleyPoint. We have a special Sunday planned for you (Love Day, Communion, and The Story)!

Who is the most selfless person you know? On Sunday, we will continue our investigation into the life of Jesus and discover that his selflessness was astonishing. Please read this paragraph before Sunday. Jesus did some intriguing things prior to his death. He knew what was coming, yet he took the time to invest in others. Who is Jesus? We will get another perspective this Sunday from four different scenes in his life. If you are following along in THE STORY book, we will cover chapter 26.

We are also taking time this Sunday to remember Christ’s atoning death on our behalf as we celebrate Communion. It is going to be a memorable day!

Just For You…                             

+ Love Day Collection this Sunday, April 17th: We are partnering with UrbanPromise in Wilmington, DE to help them provide free summer camps for the children of Wilmington. If you signed-up on Sunday, April 3rd to bring something specific, please bring those items with you this Sunday. If you did not sign-up, you can still participate! We are also collecting:

  • Assorted Color Sharpies
  • Assorted Color Duct Tape
  • Fruit Snacks

Bring your item(s) with you to either gathering on Sunday, April 17th. Join me in filling the lobby for UrbanPromise. Thank you for your generosity!

+ Child Dedication – Mother’s Day, May 8th: On Mother’s Day, we will host a special day for moms. We hope you will join us. As part of that day, we will have our next child dedication. As a prerequisite to the Mother’s Day child dedication, parents must attend a Child Dedication Class offered on either April 24th or May 1st at 10:30am at the middle school. This class sets the course for how ValleyPoint can partner with you in your child’s spiritual development. If you have a child you would like to dedicate, contact our Family Ministries Pastor, Dan McInnes, at

Pursuing real relationships and real significance together! See you on Sunday.