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From Pastor Eric…


I am excited to begin a new teaching series this June. It will be fun, we will laugh, but my hope is that the content of this series will encourage and inspire as God’s Word provides helpful tips for everyday living. Join ValleyPoint Church for “Me, too!” as we share practical and biblical realities for how we can succeed in life. I hope to see you there!

June 5th: Sometimes I feel like punching people right between the eyes. Me, too!
June 12th: Sometimes I wonder if I’m accomplishing anything with my life. Me, too!
June 19th: Sometimes I just want to drive my mini-van and wear my gas station sunglasses. Me, too!

  1. You are invited to experience one of our relevant gathering environments where people of all ages can learn what it means to follow Jesus. We have two identical gatherings each Sunday at 9:15 am & 11:00 am. They are both held at the Garnet Valley Middle School. Get directions here.
  2. Learn more about why we meet in a school here.

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