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What actually happened to me when I trusted in Jesus? Does Jesus matter? We’re answering these questions on Sunday.

When a person trusts in Jesus, what really happens to them? How important is it to trust in Jesus? On Sunday, we will answer those questions as “Unanswered” continues. Here is your homework – read through Romans 3:21-28 before Sunday. These are some of the most profound words in Scripture, and they describe how Jesus matters! I can’t wait to share with you. By the way, thank you for listening so well this past week. It was a challenging topic, and I am grateful for a church that wants to seek answers. Let’s keep learning together! If you missed the talk, you can listen here.

A Big THANKS…the church picnic was fantastic. Thank you to all who came, brought food, and participated in the events. It’s great to see our church have fun together!

Just For You (great things to do this summer!)…                                

+ Praying water and sewer to the edge of our property (Sunday, August 21st – 7pm): Our church has been called to prayer for this important step in our journey toward a Real Home. If you missed the latest information, listen to this announcement from last Sunday. It will be a special night of praying for and thanking God for his great provision! Our prayer event will take place at the Bethel Road Campus – 209 Bethel Road, Glen Mills, PA.

+ Next Step Classes: Check out the new classes offered this September. Deepen your relationship with God and others by taking a “next step” in your spiritual journey.

See you on Sunday!