Check This Out

Happy Labor Day Weekend…we have a unique Sunday planned for you at ValleyPoint!

September has arrived! A new season is coming, and schedules will soon return to “normal.” Are you ready? An excellent way to prepare is by spending time at ValleyPoint Church to have your spiritual batteries recharged. I’ll be sharing a topic that I have never discussed before. I was reflecting recently on what I wish older Christ followers had shared with me (and forced me to listen!). My list quickly grew into several items, and I plan on sharing that list with you on Sunday.

The takeaway section will also be a bit different this week as specific action steps will be given for the various age groups represented at ValleyPoint. We’re going to have fun! I look forward to seeing you.

GREAT NEWS…work has begun on the water and sewer lines that will be coming to our property. Amen! It’s very exciting to see work beginning. Please “like” ValleyPoint Church on Facebook, follow us on Twitter – @theValleyPoint, and check out for all of the latest updates and pictures!

Just For You…                                

+ Membership Meeting – Sunday, September 11th at 10:30am: As a part of the loan process, the Church’s organizational documents have been rigorously reviewed for compliance with state law to ensure that all of the corporate formalities have been followed to approve the financing and construction of our future home. After reviewing our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, we have some minor items which need to be clarified and changed in order to close on our loan. We will have a special members meeting on Sunday, September 11th at 10:30am (between our two gatherings) to share these changes and have members vote.

+ Next Step Classes: Check out the new classes offered this September. Deepen your relationship with God and others by taking a “next step” in your spiritual journey. Register soon as classes are filling up quickly!  

Happy Labor Day Weekend. See you on Sunday!