Check This Out

The vision map of ValleyPoint…there is more to discover!

Our mission as a church is pointing people to real relationships (with God and with others) and real significance. This answers the question, “what are we doing as a church?” How about the question…WHY?  Why is that our mission?

A few “why” questions to consider:

  • Why does it seem that most communities are not thankful for the churches within their boundaries?
  • Why don’t more community leaders value friendship with a church and even ask for their participation?
  • Why aren’t more communities changed because of the impact of a church?

Often it seems like “why” questions never get answered. On Sunday, we will dive into and answer the “why” of ValleyPoint Church which serves as our heartbeat.

Before Sunday…read through this section of Acts 16 (it’s a fantastic story).

There is more within the vision map of ValleyPoint to discover…I can’t want to share with you. See you on Sunday!     

– Eric

P.S. ALSO…I have some good news to share with you regarding our future Real Home!