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“Where Did It Go?”

Have you ever felt as if parts of your life are out of control?  Perhaps there is a desire to gain control, to pull things back together, to pause, to breathe, to catch back up, to rest…BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS.  As a matter of fact, things just continue to progress to the point where there is discord, anxiety, and loss. In the middle of the chaos, you may feel like you’re hanging on by a thread.  OR…maybe not even hanging on at all. The tragic part is that you sense there could be a crash and burn if something doesn’t change.

Ever been there?  Maybe you’re there now.  This series is for you. Even if life is peaceful now, it seems that mayhem lurks at every turn. Something may happen that shakes you and causes things to spin.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we seek to find self-control in key areas of life. This series may be just what you need in order gain control and build meaning into life’s most meaningful relationships. I can’t wait to see you this Sunday!


Pastor Eric F. Koehler

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