Check This Out

Solutions for racial tension…we’re talking about it this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

“Where Did It Go?” continues this Sunday with a conversation that I don’t think you’ll want to miss. Even if you are a casual observer of culture, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that racial tension is a problem. How can we find control? I was able to capture a conversation I had with friends this week regarding our observations of the tension that exists. It’s an honest dialogue and one that will move us closer to loving and treating people the way God intended.

Before Sunday, please read through James 2:1-8. These verses share a great perspective on the treatment of others.

I shared a fun announcement on Sunday. Our groundbreaking is set for Sunday, October 30th at 1:30pm. It will be a memorable event for all. Please save the date and let’s celebrate together as we move forward to our Real Home!


Just For You…                                

+ Membership Class – Tuesday, October 11th: This informal class will answer your questions, give you the chance to meet great people, and provide the information you need to make ValleyPoint your faith home! Beyond that, you will leave with a picture of how we point people to real relationships and real significance. It’s a fun event! Sign up online.

+ Love Day – Saturday, October 15th: Go. Serve. Love. This is our chance! Breakfast will be served at the Bethel Road Campus at 8:30am and then we’ll serve our local communities. Set a few hours aside and let’s be the church that serves others.

+ Be a difference maker! ValleyPoint’s current “top 3 volunteer needs” are KidPoint Lil’K (birth – pre k), KidPoint Live (kindergarten through 5th grade), and set-up for the lobby environment. Sign-up here or stop by the Just For You Table on Sunday to view a job description.

You are loved ValleyPoint. I’ll see you on Sunday!