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New Worship Director – Tyler Gardner


Tyler Gardner has officially accepted the role of ValleyPoint Church’s next Worship Director.

We would like to warmly welcome Tyler and his wife Brittany to the ValleyPoint team! They are excited and eager to begin serving with us to help point people to real relationships and real significance! Tyler’s first Sunday with us will be on Sunday, December 4th.

More about Tyler:

Tyler is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader from Atlanta, Georgia. From creative ideation, leading teams in worship and creating music; Tyler has over 15 years of experience in music performance and experience creation. Over the course of those years, Tyler has become a professional level musician specializing in guitar both acoustic and electric and vocal performance.

Tyler and his wife Brittany have been married for three years and are expecting their first child (a girl) on February 10th.

Full Bio:

Share your story of when you trusted Jesus.

I grew up in a Christian home; the son of a police officer and a hotel manager. I spent my teenage years in a band running from organized religion, but never from God. God has always shown himself to me through music. Through a season of family hardship, I transitioned out of band life, got a degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia and began using my passion for music to serve the Church and help others grow and develop.

What are you doing now?

I am helping a small church in Georgia grow a worship and creative team as well as helping them develop a creative process for their teaching series. I love to build and create things, so I’ve recently picked up the skill of carpentry and enjoy doing home improvement projects on the side.

What are your favorite parts of Scripture?

One of my favorite pieces of Scripture comes from 2 Samuel 14:14. It says, “Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But that is not what God desires; rather, he devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from him.” I think that it shares an incredible glimpse into the heart of God for everyone.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I love all kinds of music from pop, jazz, classical, rock, to just about anything. I love that music is emotive and expressive and can capture things about experiences that words fail to do. Just a small group of the major influencers is Beach Boys (the Pet Sounds album), Punch Brothers (bluegrass), Ray Brown (jazz) and Hillsong (worship).

What were some of your favorite things about this area as you visited?

Brittany and I fell in love with the Glen Mills area. The people we met were great, and we enjoyed seeing so many cool things around the area. We love hiking and being outside (we even love cold weather, too). The history of the city (ROCKY of course!!!) and the food (CHEESESTEAKS!!!) were some of the highlights. We got an overwhelming sense of ValleyPoint’s purpose in the community and the passion for it throughout the entire church.

What is your favorite part of leading others in worship?

Worship is our created purpose. Every person has a God-given capacity for worship. The direction and depth of that capacity are a responsibility we each mature in over time. My favorite part of leading worship is seeing others grow in the depth and direction of their worship capacity.