Check This Out

FAQ’s this week! We’re answering some great questions this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

On Sunday, we wrap-up our “Is God” series by answering your FAQ’s. You asked some tough questions! I will do my best to provide some answers. This is a great Sunday to invite a friend. Take a risk, extend a few invites, and fill the chairs next to you.

I also have something “new” that I will be sharing with you on Sunday related to moving into our Real Home. As of Sunday, we’ll be twenty-eight weeks away from occupancy. YES! I am excited to share with you how we can “move in well.”


Just For You…

+ “Taste of Philly” with the Pastor – Sunday, May 21st: If you are new (or newer) to ValleyPoint, we (Eric & Tonia Koehler) would love to share a “taste of Philly” with you. This tasty meal will take place at the Bethel Road Campus at 12:30pm. Sign-up this Sunday at the Just For You area and plan on having a great meal.

+ We’re packing 20,000 meals for the hungry on Sunday, May 28th: We have a memorable Sunday coming, and you are needed! We’ll be packing 20,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger during the 9:15 and 11am gatherings on May 28th. Our kids in kindergarten through 5th grade will be joining us to help us pack. Check-in for Lil’ K (birth through pre-k) will be available for both gatherings.

+ Senior Recognition – Sunday, June 4th: Graduating seniors will be contacted soon about being honored during our gatherings on June 4th. Save the date! If you have any questions, email Dan McInnes at

+ Baptism Sunday РJune 4th. If you have trusted in Jesus alone to save you, and are ready to make that decision public…CONGRATULATIONS! We invite you to make plans to participate in our next baptism celebration. This event will take place between our two gatherings. Invite friends and family to join you as we celebrate this special day as a faith community. Register here.

+ Buddy Thigpen will join us on Sunday, June 4th. Buddy is our missionary serving in Smolensk, Russia. He will join us on June 4th for an interview time with Pastor Eric.

+ Child Dedication – Sunday, June 18th: We’re making Father’s Day special by including a child dedication ceremony. As a prerequisite to participating in the child dedication, a parent must attend a child dedication class offered on Sunday, June 11th. The class will meet at 10:30am in the cafeteria located to the right of the lobby. This class sets the course for how the church can partner with you as a parent in your child’s spiritual development. Questions can be directed to Dan McInnes at

You are loved. See you on Sunday!