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Listen To “Nailed It” Teaching Series

On October 31, 1517 a posting was nailed to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany launched what became knows as the Protestant Reformation. This posting of 95 Theses was a “shot heard around the world” as religion would not return to “business as usual.” This spiritual awakening shook Europe as the call to recover the sole authority of Scripture and the saving grace of Jesus was resolutely made.

The five solas of the Protestant Reformation offered a strong corrective to the faulty practices and beliefs of the time. “Sola” is a Latin word meaning “alone” or “only.” All of these terms describe an aspect of faith that doesn’t need to be accompanied by anything else. The beauty of these solas, is that they remain relevant today. We are called to focus on Scripture, accept salvation by grace through faith, magnify Christ, and live for God’s glory.

How does a history-altering event that began 500 years ago continue to dynamically shape faith today? Join ValleyPoint Church and see how God used relevant, beautiful and joy-giving truth to carry the gospel onward from generation to generation.

My prayer is that you will enjoy your experience and leave encouraged by what God has for you! My wife Tonia and I would love to meet you, and we would love for you to make ValleyPoint your church home!

Eric F. Koehler
Lead Pastor


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