Check This Out

“Nailed It” continues this Sunday!

On Sunday, September 17th, many of you generously participated in our first Love Day of the new season. We partnered with Treasures for Educators who delivers supplies to under-resourced schools in the greater Philadelphia area. On Thursday, September 21st, those supplies were delivered to fourteen Philadelphia schools. Great job ValleyPoint! Go. Serve. Love. What you gave is making an immediate difference.

A little weekend homework: read Romans 3:21-28. Note how many times the word faith is used. “Nailed It” continues this week by looking into the faith statement, Sola Fide (faith alone). I’m excited to share with you. I don’t have any Red Bull this weekend, but I may have something else ready to help us remember this key statement from the Reformation!

While there are reports that the world may end on Saturday, I’m fully preparing to see you on Sunday! I trust you’re making the same plans. Have a great weekend.