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Celebration Sunday, Communion, & Love Day!

Two weeks! Don’t miss our concluding Sunday celebrations at the middle school. As we prepare to move into our new home, we want to take time to celebrate the past 12 1/2 years at the Garnet Valley Middle School. We will be honoring those who have been part of our set-up and tear-down teams. These […]

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It’s the last “Best Of” this Sunday!

OK…we are so close to moving into our new home! Three weeks! Wow. Be sure that you read through the timeline below regarding our gatherings over these final weeks at the middle school. We conclude “Best Of” this Sunday. Our time in Scripture will take us to the life of Jesus to see how he […]

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Time change Sunday!

Ready to gain an hour of sleep?! Turn those clocks back on Saturday and prepare to be fully awake for “Best Of” on Sunday at ValleyPoint. We are going back to the series, “Get Off Your Donkey.” This talk dives into a fascinating story Jesus told in Luke 10. As we prepare to move into […]

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“Best Of” continues this Sunday!

“Best Of” continues this Sunday. I will be looking back to a series from 2014 called, “Real Home.” This started the journey that brings us to where we are today – so close to occupancy! We learned quite a bit during that season from a guy named Nehemiah. He was involved in a construction project, […]

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“Best Of”…our final series in the school!

Our final series in the middle school begins this Sunday. In a few short weeks, we parade down Bethel Road to our new home. ONLY GOD! Many have sacrificed, many have prayed, and many have faithfully served through the years we have been a portable church in a middle school. Before we turn the page […]

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Don’t miss ValleyPoint’s 46th Birthday!

For the past forty-six years, God has been using ValleyPoint to be a bright light while sharing the transforming message of Jesus. Don’t miss this Sunday as we celebrate ValleyPoint’s birthday! As part of our special day, we welcome back to ValleyPoint guest speaker, Brian Pipping. Brian is the lead pastor at Liberty Bible Church […]

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“Nailed It” concludes this Sunday!

We have reached the end of “Nailed It.” It has been a great journey of discovering profound truth from The Reformation that still impacts us today. Hopefully, the word “SOLA” is something you remember for a long time! We have one more sola to talk about this week – Soli Deo Gloria (to the glory […]

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Begin the month of October at ValleyPoint!

I have enjoyed walking through “Nailed It” with you. The five solas of the Reformation provide a rich backdrop for the real struggle that many encountered as they stood for the truth they found in Scripture. The truth the Reformers claimed five-hundred years ago, is still impacting us today. On Sunday, I will introduce another […]

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“Nailed It” continues this Sunday!

On Sunday, September 17th, many of you generously participated in our first Love Day of the new season. We partnered with Treasures for Educators who delivers supplies to under-resourced schools in the greater Philadelphia area. On Thursday, September 21st, those supplies were delivered to fourteen Philadelphia schools. Great job ValleyPoint! Go. Serve. Love. What you […]

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Love Day this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

We had an exciting launch to a new season last Sunday! The lobby was “buzzing” with energy. Smiles, hugs, and handshakes were freely given. Worship time in both the children and adult environments was sweet. We opened God’s Word and learned together. It was a beautiful day. AND…the Eagles won their first game. Solid weekend! […]

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