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Happy Father’s Day & “BLAH FAITH”…this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Have you ever experienced “BLAH FAITH?” The word “blah” implies something that is boring or without meaningful content. Is it possible for faith in Jesus to fit that description? Jesus said many things that paint a different picture of our faith life that seems much better. However, that kind of life doesn’t appear to be […]

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Party Time – it’s baptism Sunday this week at ValleyPoint!

Come prepared to doodle and draw this Sunday at ValleyPoint! Over the next two weeks, “White Napkin Sundays” will remind, refresh, and refocus our attention on things that matter. This series may be exactly what is needed to point our hearts in God’s direction at the halfway point of 2017. On Sunday, the word “GO” […]

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FAQ’s this week! We’re answering some great questions this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

On Sunday, we wrap-up our “Is God” series by answering your FAQ’s. You asked some tough questions! I will do my best to provide some answers. This is a great Sunday to invite a friend. Take a risk, extend a few invites, and fill the chairs next to you. I also have something “new” that […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at ValleyPoint!

Plan now to be part of Mother’s Day at ValleyPoint. We welcome back guest speaker Aisha Brooks-Lytle. She will continue our series “Is God” by answering the question, is God nurturing? The creative team has put together some special elements for Mother’s Day. It is going to be memorable and something that encourages and inspires! […]

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Is God Fair? We’re seeking answers this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

The next question in our series…Is God fair? The answer may surprise you. Join me on Sunday as we discover together. Before Sunday read through Matthew 20:1-16.  WE had a fantastic opportunity this week to feed over 150 staff members at the Garnet Valley Middle School. Thank you to all who prepared food and helped […]

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Is God listening? And…a prayer event this Sunday!

“IS GOD…?” began on Sunday! I am excited about this series and what we are discovering together. If you missed last week’s talk questioning the goodness of God, you can listen here. Here’s our next question…is God listening? It would seem that God has to process a massive amount of requests, cries, and pleas. What […]

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We’re starting a new series this Sunday and you’re invited!

We had a fantastic Easter weekend at ValleyPoint. Wow! It was memorable. Thank you for participating. Thank you for inviting. I’ll be sharing a weekend update on Sunday – it’s great news! AND…we begin a brand new series called, “IS GOD…?” Questions about God seem to be endless. Scripture attests to both the incomprehensibility of […]

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Celebrate Palm Sunday at ValleyPoint!

The road Jesus traveled to pay redemption’s price was not just a road less traveled…it was a road no one could travel. No one except Jesus was morally qualified to walk the lonely path that would eventually lead to his cruel death. The Road No One Could Travel (Except Jesus) continues this Sunday with a […]

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New month…new series! See you on Sunday!

A new series begins this Sunday that will take us through Easter called, “The Road No One Could Travel (Except Jesus).” The road Jesus traveled to pay redemption’s price was not just a road less traveled…it was a road no one could travel. No one except Jesus was morally qualified to walk the lonely path […]

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Church Breakfast and a fun announcement this Sunday!

Ready for breakfast? We have one coming your way this Sunday, March 26th between our two gatherings in the middle school cafeteria! Celebrate our three-year journey with great people and great food! See note below for what to bring. I believe you’ll enjoy our gatherings this Sunday. We have a special tune – the team […]

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