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Happy Birthday, ValleyPoint! We’re celebrating 45 years of impact this Sunday!

It’s birthday Sunday. ValleyPoint turns forty-five, and it’s time to celebrate. Please join us this Sunday for a special prayer time as well as cake and pastries for all! AND…we continue “Where Did It Go?” Our focus this week will take us into the world of “parenting (and grandparenting) perplexities.” Practical help will be given […]

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Solutions for racial tension…we’re talking about it this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

“Where Did It Go?” continues this Sunday with a conversation that I don’t think you’ll want to miss. Even if you are a casual observer of culture, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that racial tension is a problem. How can we find control? I was able to capture a conversation I […]

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New month…new series…and a fun announcement coming this Sunday!

We begin a new series this Sunday called, “Where Did It Go?” Have you ever felt as if parts of your life are out of control? Ever been there? This series is for you. Even if life is peaceful now, it seems that mayhem lurks at every turn. Don’t miss the launch of this new […]

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When will I know I’m succeeding spiritually? We’re talking about it this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

We get the chance to draw on our napkins one more time this Sunday! Don’t miss the conclusion of “White Napkin Sundays.“ We have a final question to ask – when? When will we know we’re successful? When will we know we’re winning? When will we know we’re putting a smile on God’s face? These […]

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The vision map of ValleyPoint…there is more to discover!

Our mission as a church is pointing people to real relationships (with God and with others) and real significance. This answers the question, “what are we doing as a church?” How about the question…WHY?  Why is that our mission? A few “why” questions to consider: Why does it seem that most communities are not thankful […]

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Happy Labor Day Weekend…we have a unique Sunday planned for you at ValleyPoint!

September has arrived! A new season is coming, and schedules will soon return to “normal.” Are you ready? An excellent way to prepare is by spending time at ValleyPoint Church to have your spiritual batteries recharged. I’ll be sharing a topic that I have never discussed before. I was reflecting recently on what I wish […]

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It’s the final Sunday of August…don’t miss ValleyPoint Church!

Our final unanswered question this week is, “how can I avoid having a Bible(ish) Christianity?” The “ish” has become a tag to many words now and describes something that is “less than” or “kind of.” Can this happen in our approach to the Bible? Join us on Sunday as helpful insights are given for using […]

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It’s “hot seat” Sunday for Eric this week with your frequently asked questions!

I have to be honest…I’m a little nervous about this Sunday! I’ll be in the “hot seat” this week answering the frequently asked questions you submitted. Actually, I’m looking forward to Sunday as it’s a chance to just talk and think through some of the questions that you have. It’s going to be real and […]

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What actually happened to me when I trusted in Jesus? Does Jesus matter? We’re answering these questions on Sunday.

When a person trusts in Jesus, what really happens to them? How important is it to trust in Jesus? On Sunday, we will answer those questions as “Unanswered” continues. Here is your homework – read through Romans 3:21-28 before Sunday. These are some of the most profound words in Scripture, and they describe how Jesus […]

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What does Scripture say about mental illness? We’re talking about it this Sunday at ValleyPoint.

We will dive into an interesting subject this Sunday. What does Scripture say about mental illness? How should we respond to those who struggle? Interestingly, Scripture does not avoid talking about mental health. It’s a big subject. It’s a sensitive subject. It’s also a matter which is often avoided. The church should not be silent […]

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