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Listen To Sunday, October 15th

Listen with us as special guest speaker Brian Pipping helps us celebrate 46 years of ministry as a church! Listen Here:

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Listen To “Nailed It” Teaching Series

On October 31, 1517 a posting was nailed to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany launched what became knows as the Protestant Reformation. This posting of 95 Theses was a “shot heard around the world” as religion would not return to “business as usual.” This spiritual awakening shook Europe as the call to […]

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Listen To “White Napkin” 2017!

What happens when a group of people becomes focused in their efforts? What happens when that same group moves with substantial clarity in their mission? What happens when that group is the church? This series will bring clarity to the mission of ValleyPoint Church as we answer the what, how, why, and when of our […]

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Listen To “Is God…?”

Questions about God seem to be endless. Scripture attests to both the incomprehensibility of God and knowability of God. We can know some things about God, but we cannot know everything which makes him both mysterious and glorious. And so…we question. Is God good? Is God listening? Is God nurturing? Is God fair? Join ValleyPoint […]

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Listen To “The Road No One Could Travel”

The road Jesus traveled to pay redemption’s price was not just a road less traveled…it was a road no one could travel. No one except Jesus was morally qualified to walk the lonely path that would eventually lead to his cruel death. He alone was able. Join ValleyPoint Church during the Easter season as we […]

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Listen To “So, Now What?”

Most journeys take you to a preferred destination. ValleyPoint started a journey in March of 2014 toward a future Real Home. A call to sacrifice, generosity, and risk was given that has become a permanent part of the unfolding story of ValleyPoint Church. Together, we made the choice to take a courageous step, maximize our […]

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Listen to “Fight”

Hungry for a hero story? “We love to root for the underdog. We love to see good triumph over evil and courage defeat cowardice. We love to see righteousness prevail and unrighteousness punished. And we love a hero who refuses to give up the fight no matter how impossible the odds (Groeschel, Fight, 12).” What […]

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Listen To “Life Verse 2017”

Happy New Year! It’s time for a fresh start, new beginnings, and hope-filled adventures. As we venture into the unknown space of 2017, what can we use to anchor our souls through life’s experiences? Life Verse 2017 is here! It’s a tradition unique to ValleyPoint where we start the new year focused on finding a […]

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Listen To Sunday, January 1st

Listen Here:

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Listen To “Christmas Time”

Christmas time is here. Ready? Marching towards “the day” can be absolutely exhausting. Often, we hope that warm Christmas feelings will descend upon us magically. Yet, the most wonderful time of the year often makes us pine for warmer, simpler days. Traditions once beloved become obligations that we dread. Yuletide festivities become events we loathe. […]

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