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“Where Did It Go?” – Racial Tension Interview

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“Where Did It Go?”

Have you ever felt as if parts of your life are out of control?  Perhaps there is a desire to gain control, to pull things back together, to pause, to breathe, to catch back up, to rest…BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS.  As a matter of fact, things just continue to progress to the point where there […]

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Listen To Sunday, September 4th

Listen Here:

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Listen To “White Napkin”

What happens when a group of people becomes focused in their efforts? What happens when that same group moves with substantial clarity in their mission? What happens when that group is the church? This series will bring clarity to the mission of ValleyPoint Church as we answer the what, how, why, and when of our […]

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Listen To “Unanswered”

Summer has arrived! Time to relax and turn off the brain, right? No more school. No more tense schedules. No more questions. Actually, questions are good. They initiate curiosity and bring clarity to tangled thoughts. Unanswered questions though can entrap and bring pessimism. Invite a friend to join you this summer as we attempt to […]

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Listen To “Me, Too!”

From Pastor Eric… I am excited to begin a new teaching series this June. It will be fun, we will laugh, but my hope is that the content of this series will encourage and inspire as God’s Word provides helpful tips for everyday living. Join ValleyPoint Church for “Me, too!” as we share practical and biblical realities for […]

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Listen To Life Verse 2016

2016 has arrived!  For some, this may be the greatest year of your lives. For others, it may be the toughest year you will ever experience. Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days. How will you respond? What will anchor your soul through the good and […]

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Listen To Sunday, December 27th

On the final Sunday of 2015, Communications Pastor, Ben Jones discussed the benefits of starting a new year with spiritual success by unpacking the spiritual armor of God the Apostle Paul speaks about in Ephesians 6:10-18. Listen Here:

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Listen to “Unwrapping the Perfect Gift”

Gifts are great, aren’t they? Christmas is a time where there is a considerable focus on the giving and receiving of gifts. Often, people put forth a great effort to find the perfect gift hoping that it brings surprise and delight when it is unwrapped. What makes a gift perfect, though? Starting Sunday, December 6th, […]

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Listen To Sunday, September 6th – “White Napkin” Sunday!

Pastor Eric Koehler walks us through a compelling overview of the mission of ValleyPoint Church! He discusses how the church can avoid “mission drift.” It’s a nice family chat, and we hope you are equipped with a new tool for inviting as well as for talking about what God has done for you.   Listen Here:

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