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Listen To “The Story”

From Pastor Eric: ValleyPoint is walking through a church-wide journey through the Bible! This new teaching series will run throughout all of our ministries. KidPoint, OnPoint Students, and our Life Groups will all follow the same “storyline.” “The Story” is a condensed chronological walk through the entire Bible. Through this series, we will discover how our […]

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Listen To “Simplify”

Summertime brings relaxation, long walks on the beach and a slower pace of life, right? Perhaps not! Overscheduled. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Sound familiar? We often live and work at a speed that is unsustainable. Once we are caught in the trap of busyness, it can be hard to find our way out and slow the pace. […]

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Listen to “Off The Fence”

Stuck. Torn. Hesitant. This is what it feels like to be “on the fence.”  Being on the fence means that you can’t decide which yard to play in or which team to join. While it often feels safer to stay on the fence, this keeps us isolated and lethargic. Since life should be lived in full-color, it’s time […]

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Listen To Mother’s Day 2015

Listen Here:

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Listen To “Compassion”

Jesus was compassionate. Are you? Does your speech reflect compassion? Do you intentionally slow the pace of life to see real needs? Is there a compassionate act that needs your attention? Join ValleyPoint Church as we investigate biblical compassion, act in compassionate ways through packing 10,000 meals for the impoverished and look to the future and how God can use his church to […]

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Listen To “Seeing Through the Fog”

Pain. Confusion. Discouragement. Loss. Fear. Anger. All of these emotions can cloud our thinking and move us into a fog. In the fog, our vision lacks clarity. In the fog, we lose confidence in God. In the fog, we become desperate. Unclear vision, a loss of confidence in God, and desperation cause us to abandon […]

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Listen to “The 3 R’s”

Together we will investigate how every single person at ValleyPoint can take one step toward greater obedience to God. Sometimes it can be challenging to take that step. Fear, indecision, or lack of motivation can stall us. Sometimes it can be hard to identify what that step should be. How do I begin? Will anyone help […]

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Listen To Life Verse 2015

2015 has arrived!  For some, this may be the greatest year of your lives.  For others, it may be the toughest year you will ever experience.  Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days.  How will you respond?  What will anchor your soul through the good and […]

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Listen To “Not Your Average Joe”

The word average is so…mediocre. It invokes thoughts of other words like vanilla, generic, or bland. Blah! Being average is not something generally desired. Join ValleyPoint Church beginning on October 12th as we investigate the life of one of the most intriguing persons in all of Scripture…the life of Joseph. Our time exploring his life […]

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Listen To “Get Off Your Donkey”

One day, Jesus shared a story. It’s a story that had a profound impact when it was first shared. It’s a story that is still having impact. It’s the story of a businessman going about his regular work when he comes across a person in great need. At that moment, he’s faced with a choice. […]

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