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Listen to “There’s More”

Summertime brings more relaxation, more sun, more flip-flops, more strolls on the boardwalk, more water ice, more pools, and more time with those we love! All of this is sensational, but there is more! ValleyPoint is loading up for a refreshing trip through Scripture in an all-new teaching series called “There’s More!” This series will encourage, […]

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Listen To “The Upside”

It is generally understood that if something has an upside…that’s good! It’s fair to say that thinking about the upside of something is an exercise in finding value. Life seems to be filled with a growing bent toward negativity, loss, and red ink. It’s time to focus on something (anything) that has the potential to […]

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Love Works Well

Love works…well. That seems like a disputable statement. Often those who attempt to compassionately love and place the needs of others first are quickly trampled, disregarded as irrelevant, and seen as soft. It seems that survival in a modern world takes toughness., strength, and a sharp focus on my interests. Or, does it? What if […]


Listen To “Together”

Together we are stronger. Together we impact. Together we are simply better. Join ValleyPoint Church as together we seek to be the faith community that God is calling us to be…a generous, life-changing community! Here are the Big Ideas that we will be sharing throughout this new series: March 23 – Together…we remember. March 30 – […]

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Real Home – For God. For Others. For Me.

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Resources for “Life Verse”

Web-based reading plans at  > Our Daily Bread – 30 Days What if you could spend time meeting quietly with someone who loves you—and who accepts you just as you are? Millions of readers around the world have turned to “Our Daily Bread” for moments of quiet reflection with God. In just a few […]

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Listen To Life Verse 2014

2014 has arrived! For some, this may be the greatest year of their lives. For others, it may be the toughest year they’ve ever experienced. Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days. How will we respond? What will anchor our souls through the good and the […]

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Listen to Reinvent Advent

The Christmas season is often described as the “most wonderful time of the year.”  Between parties, new gadgets, and never ending food, it is truly wonderful.  But all of these activities bring their own levels of stress, chaos, and expense.  Often, it’s just too much! Too much to do. Too much to eat. Too much to […]

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Listen To “Big Deal”

What’s a big deal to you?  We’d probably all respond to that in different ways.  Family, health, work, financial freedom, or happiness may be some of our initial answers.  Is there more? Here at ValleyPoint, there are some things that are a big deal to us.  We describe them as our faith catalysts.  These are […]

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Listen To Outlaw

He is soft…compassionate…manageable…a threat to no one.  Such is the cultural concept of Jesus the Messiah.  Our culture wants us to mold him in such a way that he remains appealing and approachable.  We often want him to be nothing more than a religious icon that safely sits on a shelf. Uniquely, this imagery was […]