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Some BLAH FAITH FAQ’s this Sunday!

We’re answering some tough questions this Sunday as BLAH FAITH continues. Shari Kelly and Tonia Koehler will be joining me to help provide biblical insight. They are answering some challenging questions! Don’t miss it. Our candlelight prayer event is this Sunday. Join us as we pray in our future home. See details below. Some thoughts […]

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How do you surprise the world?

Is it possible to be a godly, socially adventurous, joyous, and thankful presence in the lives of others? You bet! I can’t wait to share with you a very practical way we can accomplish this on Sunday. I have one takeaway for you this week. It may be the most interesting takeaway I have ever […]

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Welcome to the month of August!

August has arrived! What better way to start a new month then with your friends at ValleyPoint?! “BLAH FAITH” continues with a challenge to prioritize time in God’s Word. We will discover that Scripture gives us freedom. It renews and refreshes us.     AND…it’s BBQ Bash Sunday! Gather your family and friends and prepare for a […]

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BLAH…find out ways to move away from the “blahs” this Sunday!

I hope you are having a fantastic summer! It is hard to believe that this Sunday brings the month of July to a close (as far as Sundays go). Ask a friend to join you this week as we uncover another way to move away from BLAH FAITH. If you have missed any of our […]

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Apologize for your faith? Necessary? We’re talking about it this Sunday!

We are now more than halfway through our summer series! Don’t be discouraged though…there are still a good number of summer days left. I must say, this summer seems to be moving quickly. Hopefully, you are getting the chance to rest and enjoy this season. On Sunday, we continue chasing ways we can get rid […]

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Feeling a little…blah? Get a spiritual lift this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

“Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” This is a question Jesus asked of his followers. It is a question that we will consider this Sunday as we continue “BLAH FAITH.” I am excited about being back at ValleyPoint this Sunday to host our gatherings and welcome Dr. Joe Modica from Eastern […]

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“BLAH FAITH” continues this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

What priorities have you established for your life? What values drive your decision making? What has primacy in your schedule? Join ValleyPoint on Sunday as we discuss a priority that helps create a vibrant walk with Jesus – and moves us away from “BLAH FAITH.” “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we […]

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Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July is quickly approaching! Enjoy time celebrating with family and friends. Take time during the festivities to pray for our nation. Before the 4th…”BLAH FAITH” continues to be our theme at ValleyPoint. We’re using the summer of 2017 to reframe our friendship with Jesus as real, dynamic, and joyful. On Sunday, July […]

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Happy Father’s Day & “BLAH FAITH”…this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Have you ever experienced “BLAH FAITH?” The word “blah” implies something that is boring or without meaningful content. Is it possible for faith in Jesus to fit that description? Jesus said many things that paint a different picture of our faith life that seems much better. However, that kind of life doesn’t appear to be […]

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Party Time – it’s baptism Sunday this week at ValleyPoint!

Come prepared to doodle and draw this Sunday at ValleyPoint! Over the next two weeks, “White Napkin Sundays” will remind, refresh, and refocus our attention on things that matter. This series may be exactly what is needed to point our hearts in God’s direction at the halfway point of 2017. On Sunday, the word “GO” […]

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