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Are there problems with the resurrection of Jesus? We’re talking about it this Sunday!

We had memorable gatherings last Sunday! I am still reflecting on the music, Scripture, and communion time. I sensed God challenging us as we thought about how Jesus is the Redeemer…the once for all sacrifice for sin! We take one more Sunday to answer the question, who is Jesus? What we discover this Sunday will […]

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Hello ValleyPoint. We have a special Sunday planned for you (Love Day, Communion, and The Story)!

Who is the most selfless person you know? On Sunday, we will continue our investigation into the life of Jesus and discover that his selflessness was astonishing. Please read this paragraph before Sunday. Jesus did some intriguing things prior to his death. He knew what was coming, yet he took the time to invest in […]

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Jesus asked great questions. We’re talking about those questions this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Jesus asked great questions. His questions forced people to think. His questions brought clarity. His questions emphasized the truth about his mission. On Sunday, we will look at two questions Jesus asked in Luke 9. These questions will form the backdrop for our conversation as we continue THE STORY. Here is your homework…read through Luke […]

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It’s the first Sunday in April. We have a great day planned at ValleyPoint!

The Story continues this Sunday as we ask two important questions. Who is Jesus? Does it matter if we answer that question? On Sunday, we will share three different perspectives on what made Jesus so extraordinary and different from other leaders. You will walk away with a new outlook on Jesus and his mission. If […]

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Come celebrate Easter at ValleyPoint!

Easter is here, and I cannot wait to celebrate with you! It all begins on Good Friday, March 24th. Starting at 6:30pm, we will walk through a reflective service with pictures, prayers, readings, Scripture, and communion. This time will help us consider the depths of God’s love for all. Then, on Sunday morning, we will […]

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Love Day and Palm Sunday this weekend at ValleyPoint!

Love Day is this Saturday, March 19th! It is time for us to go, serve, and love on the communities around us. Take a few hours this Saturday to make a difference…you will be glad you did! Breakfast and sign-up will begin at 8:30am at the Bethel Road Campus. Our partners: Melmark: We will help […]

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An incredible story and a Real Home update…this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

Have you ever felt as if life is a big gamble – like the outcome of your life is resting on how the dice roll for you? If they roll right, you get “lucky.” If they roll badly, your life goes down the tubes. There are times when the stars seem to align just right, […]

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We are talking about construction this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

We enter into an exciting part of The Story this Sunday. What God’s people are experiencing parallels what we are currently walking through as a church. God’s people are given the chance to return to their hometown and begin a construction project! God even provides for their venture in unique ways (just like he has […]

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Discover how to make choices with positive impact this Sunday at ValleyPoint!

The decisions you make and the actions you take affect those around you. We continue “The Story” this Sunday by looking at the life of Rehoboam. Rehoboam followed his father Solomon to the throne of Israel. He listened to some bad advice and made a wrong choice that ended up dividing the kingdom. At one […]

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Love Day, The Story, and Baptism…this weekend at ValleyPoint!

We have a great weekend planned at ValleyPoint. Our first Love Day of 2016 takes place this Saturday, January 16th. This is our chance to make an impact close to home. Go. Serve. Love! Our day begins at 8:30am at the Bethel Road Campus. I hope to see you there. You can read about our […]

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