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In a few short weeks, ValleyPoint Church will take up residence in our “New Home!” Many have sacrificed, many have prayed, and many have faithfully served though the years we have been a portable church meeting in a middle school.

Before we turn the page into this new chapter of our story, we will look back on past teaching series that have impacted and guided us. We will have a lot of fun as we walk through our current teaching series, “Best Of.”

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Listen with us as special guest speaker Brian Pipping helps us celebrate 46 years of ministry as a church!

Listen to Sunday, October 15th



On October 31, 1517 a posting was nailed to the door of a church in Wittenburg, Germany launched what became knows as the Protestant Reformation. This posting of 95 Theses was a “shot heard around the world” as religion would not return to “business as usual.” This spiritual awakening shook Europe as the call to recover the sole authority of Scripture and the saving grace of Jesus was resolutely made.

The five solas of the Protestant Reformation offered a strong corrective to the faulty practices and beliefs of the time. “Sola” is a Latin word meaning “alone” or “only.” All of these terms describe an aspect of faith that doesn’t need to be accompanied by anything else. The beauty of these solas, is that they remain relevant today. We are called to focus on Scripture, accept salvation by grace through faith, magnify Christ, and live for God’s glory.

How does a history-altering event that began 500 years ago continue to dynamically shape faith today? Join ValleyPoint Church and see how God used relevant, beautiful and joy-giving truth to carry the gospel onward from generation to generation.

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The word “blah” implies something that is boring or without meaningful content. Is it possible for faith in Jesus to fit that description? Is it? Jesus said many things that paint a different picture of our faith life that seems much better. He actually said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” He even went so far as to say, “anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works.” That’s quite a statement!

This kind of life doesn’t seem to be what many (maybe most?) followers of Jesus experience though. Have we missed the journey and settled for a t-shirt that communicates faith is blah? Use the summer of 2017 to reframe your relationship with Jesus as real, dynamic, and joyful.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we focus our attention on discovering the beauty, joy, and danger of following Christ. Don’t settle for the t-shirt when there is something so much better. Drop the blahs! It’s not how you want to be.

Listen To: “Blah Faith



What happens when a group of people becomes focused in their efforts? What happens when that same group moves with substantial clarity in their mission? What happens when that group is the church? This series will bring clarity to the mission of ValleyPoint Church as we answer the what, how, why, and when of our vision. Prepare to have some fun at church!

Listen To: “White Napkin Sunday 2017



Questions about God seem to be endless. Scripture attests to both the incomprehensibility of God and knowability of God. We can know some things about God, but we cannot know everything which makes him both mysterious and glorious.

And so…we question. Is God good? Is God listening? Is God nurturing? Is God fair? Join ValleyPoint Church as we answer tough questions relating to the person and the work of God. Our understanding will be enlarged. Our awe will grow. Along the way, we will discover that the more we know about God, the more enamored we become!

Listen To: “Is God…?



The road Jesus traveled to pay redemption’s price was not just a road less traveled…it was a road no one could travel. No one except Jesus was morally qualified to walk the lonely path that would eventually lead to his cruel death. He alone was able.

Join ValleyPoint Church during the Easter season as we carefully study the actions of Jesus leading to his death and history’s most remarkable event – His resurrection. The implications of the road he traveled are both astounding and inspiring. His words and actions were the culmination of a life lived on purpose – a life lived for all.

Listen To: “The Road No One Could Travel



Most journeys take you to a preferred destination. ValleyPoint started a journey in March of 2014 toward a future Real Home. A call to sacrifice, generosity, and risk was given that has become a permanent part of the unfolding story of ValleyPoint Church. Together, we made the choice to take a courageous step, maximize our impact, and make a significant difference in the communities around us. Along the journey, we have seen God do great things. It is March 2017 and construction has begun. So, now what?

Join ValleyPoint Church during the month of March as we celebrate an extraordinary journey and consider, now what? What happens next?

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Hungry for a hero story? “We love to root for the underdog. We love to see good triumph over evil and courage defeat cowardice. We love to see righteousness prevail and unrighteousness punished. And we love a hero who refuses to give up the fight no matter how impossible the odds (Groeschel, Fight, 12).” What are you fighting? Are you winning the battles that matter most?

Join ValleyPoint Church during the month of February for a hero story. It’s a story of success, failure, and redemption from the life of an Old Testament character named Samson. Through his experiences, we will discover how to win the battle of selfishness, temptation, anger, and spiritual drift.

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Happy New Year! It’s time for a fresh start, new beginnings, and hope-filled adventures. As we venture into the unknown space of 2017, what can we use to anchor our souls through life’s experiences? Life Verse 2017 is here! It’s a tradition unique to ValleyPoint where we start the new year focused on finding a verse or two from Scripture that can challenge, encourage, and sustain. What blueprints will you work off of this year?

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Listen to Sunday, January 1st




Christmas time is here. Ready? Marching towards “the day” can be absolutely exhausting. Often, we hope that warm Christmas feelings will descend upon us magically. Yet, the most wonderful time of the year often makes us pine for warmer, simpler days. Traditions once beloved become obligations that we dread. Yuletide festivities become events we loathe. Our time slips away as we move from one social event to the next.

Will our time be filled with social obligations, forced fun, and must do’s? Or, will goodwill, joy, and hope fill the holidays? Christmas feelings and resolve can be found again by carefully using our time strategically. Christmas is more than an event; it’s the arrival of the Christ child whose birth literally changed time. Thanks for joining us as we look at Christmas through the lens of something that impacts everyone–time.

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Listen to “Sunday, November 27th



We are excited to be on this “Real Home” journey with you! God continues to open doors for our faith community. Thanks to all who joined us for a very special groundbreaking event! Together towards a new home!

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Have you ever felt as if parts of your life are out of control?  Perhaps there is a desire to gain control, to pull things back together, to pause, to breathe, to catch back up, to rest…BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS.  As a matter of fact, things just continue to progress to the point where there is discord, anxiety, and loss. In the middle of the chaos, you may feel like you’re hanging on by a thread.  OR…maybe not even hanging on at all. The tragic part is that you sense there could be a crash and burn if something doesn’t change. Join ValleyPoint Church as we seek to find self-control in key areas of life. This series may be just what you need in order gain control and build meaning into life’s most meaningful relationships.

Listen to “Where Did It Go?



What happens when a group of people becomes focused in their efforts? What happens when that same group moves with substantial clarity in their mission? What happens when that group is the church? This series will bring clarity to the mission of ValleyPoint Church as we answer the what, how, why, and when of our vision. Prepare to have some fun at church!

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Listen to “Sunday, September 4th”



Summer has arrived! Time to relax and turn off the brain, right? No more school. No more tense schedules. No more questions. Actually, questions are good. They initiate curiosity and bring clarity to tangled thoughts. Unanswered questions though can entrap and bring pessimism. Invite a friend to join you this summer as we attempt to answer some of the unanswered questions that you (and others) may have about God, the church, and life.

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Join ValleyPoint Church for a three-week series called Me, Too! This series will share practical and biblical realities for how we can succeed in life!

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In this series, ValleyPoint will embark on a church-wide journey through the Bible! This teaching series will run throughout all of our ministries. KidPoint, OnPoint Students, and our Life Groups will all follow the same “storyline.” “The Story” is a condensed chronological walk through the entire Bible. Through this series, we will discover how our story fits into God’s story!

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2016 has arrived!  For some, this may be the greatest year of your lives. For others, it may be the toughest year you will ever experience. Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days. How will you respond? What will anchor your soul through the good and the bad? Together, we will each discover a life verse from Scripture that will help encourage, sustain, and revitalize!

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On the final Sunday of 2015, Communications Pastor, Ben Jones discussed the benefits of starting a new year with spiritual success by unpacking the spiritual armor of God the Apostle Paul speaks about in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Listen to “Sunday, December 27th



Gifts are great, aren’t they? Christmas is a time where there is a considerable focus on the giving and receiving of gifts. Often, people put forth a great effort to find the perfect gift hoping that it brings surprise and delight when it is unwrapped. What makes a gift perfect, though? Walk through the Advent Season with ValleyPoint Church as we unwrap the perfect gift so perfectly given on that first Christmas.

Listen to “Unwrapping the Perfect Gift



In this series, ValleyPoint will embark on a church-wide journey through the Bible! This new teaching series will run throughout all of our ministries. KidPoint, OnPoint Students, and our Life Groups will all follow the same “storyline.” “The Story” is a condensed chronological walk through the entire Bible. Through this series, we will discover how our story fits into God’s story!

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Pastor Eric Koehler walks us through a compelling overview of the mission of ValleyPoint Church! He discusses how the church can avoid “mission drift.” It’s a nice family chat, and we hope you are equipped with a new tool for inviting as well as for talking about what God has done for you. Check out our first ever “White Napkin” Sunday!

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Summertime brings relaxation, long walks on the beach and a slower pace of life, right?

Perhaps not! Overscheduled. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Sound familiar? We often live and work at a speed that is unsustainable. Once we are caught in the trap of busyness, it can be hard to find our way out and slow the pace. Our lives won’t simplify themselves. We must act.

Join ValleyPoint Church for our summer series called “Simplify.” Based on the book with the same title by Bill Hybels, we will discover ten practices to unclutter the soul and simplify life.

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Stuck. Torn. Hesitant. This is what it feels like to be “on the fence.”  Being on the fence means that you can’t decide which yard to play in or which team to join. While it often feels safer to stay on the fence, this keeps us isolated and lethargic. Since life should be lived in full-color, it’s time to “get off the fence!”

Join ValleyPoint Church as we discuss three ways we can “get off the fence” and live life to the fullest.

Listen To: “Off The Fence




Jesus was compassionate. Are you? Does your speech reflect compassion? Do you intentionally slow the pace of life to see real needs? Is there a compassionate act that needs your attention? Join ValleyPoint Church as we investigate biblical compassion, act in compassionate ways through packing 10,000 meals for the impoverished and look to the future and how God can use his church to engage in compassionate work.

Listen To: “Compassion



Listen as Pastor Eric Koehler shares some encouraging words to the moms at ValleyPoint.

Listen To: Mother’s Day at ValleyPoint




Pain. Confusion. Discouragement. Loss. Fear. Anger. All of these emotions can cloud our thinking and move us into a fog. In the fog, our vision lacks clarity. In the fog, we lose confidence in God. In the fog, we become desperate. Unclear vision, a loss of confidence in God, and desperation cause us to abandon the journey as well as the search for a better day. What if…we could just see through the fog? Join ValleyPoint Church as we seek to move out of the fog and into the light.

Listen To: Seeing Through the Fog




Together we will investigate how every single person at ValleyPoint can take one step toward greater obedience to God. Sometimes it can be challenging to take that step. Fear, indecision, or lack of motivation can stall us. Sometimes it can be hard to identify what that step should be. How do I begin? Will anyone help me? And why can’t we just be content with what we’ve already accomplished?

The questions and doubts often keep us in the same spiritual condition year after year. Not good! Join ValleyPoint Church for “The 3 R’s” as we move past hesitation and inactivity to living an adventurous faith!

Listen To: The 3 R’s




2015 has arrived!  For some, this may be the greatest year of your lives.  For others, it may be the toughest year you will ever experience.  Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days.  How will you respond?  What will anchor your soul through the good and the bad?

Join ValleyPoint Church as we begin a new year with a challenge to discover a life verse from Scripture that will help encourage, sustain, and revitalize!

Listen To: Life Verse 2015




On this day, we heard from our Executive Pastor, Gus Sareyka as we looked at how we can maintain a healthy and thriving relationship with God. We also looked at some of the enemies that can prevent that relationship from thriving, and then thought through some closing takeaways to help us apply some healthy habits into our lives.

Listen To: Message





Our Lead Pastor, Eric Koehler will guide us through our Christmas teaching series called “What’s Gained?” Each week throughout this series, we will investigate something that can be gained—something that extends even beyond the holiday season! Each week is represented by a different symbol.

Listen To: “What’s Gained




On this day, we heard from our Communications Pastor, Ben Jones and looked at the words from one of the earliest church leaders. We discovered the words he wrote long ago still hold the advice we need to have a significant impact in the world around us as we move into the season ahead of us!

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The word average is so…mediocre. It invokes thoughts of other words like vanilla, generic, or bland. Blah! Being average is not something generally desired.

Join ValleyPoint Church beginning on October 12th as we investigate the life of one of the most intriguing persons in all of Scripture…the life of Joseph. Our time exploring his life will reveal that he was not your average Joe. With everything stacked against him, it would have been easy for him to become angry, bitter, and vengeful. Instead, he chose to live a God directed life even when it didn’t make sense. That strategy allowed him to rise above every hardship (and he had many!).

Just like Joe, you can live an above average kind of life. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Choose now…choose how.

Listen To: “Not Your Average Joe




Friend Day 2014 was simply a day for…friends! Having friends is fun. Being with friends is fun. Friends make life much more enjoyable, and we created this special day to enjoy ValleyPoint with a friend!

Listen To: “Friend Day 2014




One day, Jesus shared a story. It’s a story that had a profound impact when it was first shared. It’s a story that is still having impact. It’s the story of a businessman going about his regular work when he comes across a person in great need. At that moment, he’s faced with a choice. Will he “get off his donkey” and go out of his way to place the needs of someone else first?

In this series, we will look at the events and characters in one of Jesus’ most famous stories…the story of the Good Samaritan. This four-week series will inspire. It will challenge. It could change your world…because helping people is the best part of life!

Listen To “Get Off Your Donkey



On this unique day, we heard from Kevin Sareyka, Tonia Koehler, and Lee White as they share the three faith catalysts that help guide ValleyPoint Church. These catalysts are more than just words. They are part of our DNA as a faith community and values we seek to live! We are thankful that you are here, and look forward to our time together.

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Summertime brings more relaxation, more sun, more flip-flops, more strolls on the boardwalk, more water ice, more pools, and more time with those we love! All of this is sensational, but there is more! ValleyPoint is loading up for a refreshing trip through Scripture in an all-new teaching series called “There’s More!” This series will encourage, challenge, and help deepen your relationship with God! Get refreshed each Sunday morning with one of our relevant, fun-filled gatherings at the Garnet Valley Middle School at 9:15 or 11am! The summer fun has begun!

Listen To “There’s More!




It is generally understood that if something has an upside…that’s good! It’s fair to say that thinking about the upside of something is an exercise in finding value.

Life seems to be filled with a growing bent toward negativity, loss, and red ink. It’s time to focus on something (anything) that has the potential to add a dose of joy. Join ValleyPoint as we look at the upside of four key areas in life that can change how you approach everything!

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Love works…well. That seems like a disputable statement. Often those who attempt to compassionately love and place the needs of others first are quickly trampled, disregarded as irrelevant, and seen as soft. It seems that survival in a modern world takes toughness., strength, and a sharp focus on my interests.

Or, does it? What if I led with love? What if I intentionally thought  of others first? What if I served those around me without expecting anything in return? Would that work?

Join ValleyPoint Church as we answer those questions and discover that love works…well!

Listen To “Love Works Well




Easter at ValleyPoint 2014!

Listen To “Easter 2014




Together we are stronger. Together we impact. Together we are simply better. Join ValleyPoint Church as together we seek to be the faith community that God is calling us to be…a generous, life-changing community!

Listen To “Together




One of the greatest opportunities in life is to be a part of something that will outlast oneself. Throughout this series, we will follow the incredible journey of Nehemiah as he risked it all, joining together with others, to initiate an effort that would outlast them all. Together, we begin the journey at ValleyPoint Church toward our new home. Don’t miss out on this incredible time, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something that will outlast us all!

Listen To “Real Home




2014 has arrived! For some, this may be the greatest year of their lives. For others, it may be the toughest year they’ve ever experienced. Good news, bad news, surprises, celebrations, disappointments, and other life events will fill the coming days. How will we respond? What will anchor our souls through the good and the bad. Join ValleyPoint Church starting this January as we begin a new year with a focus on discovering inspiring words that will help encourage, sustain, and revitalize! Join us for…”Life Verse.”

Listen to “Life Verse



On this day, you will hear from our Executive Pastor, Gus Sareyka, as he concludes the year with some interesting thoughts about how this past year can help us share God’s love in the year to come.

Listen Here:




The Christmas season is often described as the “most wonderful time of the year.”  Between parties, new gadgets, and never ending food, it is truly wonderful.  But all of these activities bring their own levels of stress, chaos, and expense.  Often, it’s just too much! Too much to do. Too much to eat. Too much to buy.

Is it time to say goodbye to “too much?”  What if this Christmas season had a true focus on the advent of the One who changed everything?  What if we reinvent advent?  It may be risky.  But, why not?

Join ValleyPoint Church this December as we intentionally choose to experience Advent in a new way – with less stress and more joy. Real joy. Lasting joy. Let’s reinvent…advent.

Listen To: “Reinvent Advent




What’s a big deal to you?  We’d probably all respond to that in different ways.  Family, health, work, financial freedom, or happiness may be some of our initial answers.  Is there more?

Here at ValleyPoint, there are some things that are a big deal to us.  We describe them as our faith catalysts.  These are the things that drive us as a faith community.  These are things that are at the core of how we function.  It’s what we celebrate.

Join ValleyPoint church throughout the month of November as we unpack and celebrate our faith catalysts.  These catalysts may just change us!

Listen To “Big Deal




He is soft…compassionate…manageable…a threat to no one.  Such is the cultural concept of Jesus the Messiah.  Our culture wants us to mold him in such a way that he remains appealing and approachable.  We often want him to be nothing more than a religious icon that safely sits on a shelf.

Uniquely, this imagery was not the way that He was often seen by his own culture, nor was it the anticipation of God that his Son would be seen that way.  His own culture saw him as somewhat of an outlaw…a nonconformist.  He was someone who challenged the common thinking of the day.

It was because of this nonconformist that we get the opportunity for a new kind of life.  It’s when we see him in the role of Outlaw that we understand the difficulty of the mission that he faced, and the courage that it required.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we look to biblical imagery that presents Jesus as a radical who challenged the religious machinery of his day.  Through his life, ours can be changed!  This is “Outlaw!”

Listen To “Outlaw




Have you ever had a question that you want a real answer to, but it never seems to happen?  Have you ever had a question that seems…controversial?  Have you ever had a question that you’ve been too afraid to ask?  Join ValleyPoint Church as we tackle some frequently asked questions.  Invite a friend for this free-flowing experience that will attempt to answer some of the questions that you (and others) may have about God, the Bible, church, or life in general.  You ask it…we’ll give it a shot!

Listen to “FAQs



On this day, you will hear from our Student Director, Brad Brittain, who will share the vision and strategies that ValleyPoint has for reaching, connecting, and spiritually leading our students.

Listen Here:




Centuries ago, God’s people, the Israelites, served as slaves to Egyptian authorities.  To deliver them, God providentially directed His children out of Egypt to the edge of the Red Sea.  Freedom was in their sight.  Fearing loss of their work force though, the Egyptian armies pursued their runaway slaves.  With waves of water crashing in front of them and teams of soldiers chasing behind them, the children of Israel found themselves between the sword and the sea.

It appeared as if they were out of options.  Fear, panic, doubt, and confusion dominated their emotions in that moment.  Then, God…parted the waters allowing His people to journey to victory through the Red Sea.  In moments, the Red Sea went from being their destruction to their deliverance.  Just as Moses and the Israelites found themselves trapped; we can sometimes feel trapped by life’s problems.  We begin to feel overwhelmed…shaken…and hopeless, thinking all is lost.

In this series, based on the book The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan, we find that even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations, God can make a way that will move us from fear to faith.

Listen To “Red Sea Rules



This was a different and unique day for us.  You will hear from three different individuals who are going to share with you three different words that will encourage and inspire you in a meaningful way!  We hope that these stories help you to enjoy this special day at ValleyPoint!

Listen To “Father’s Day 2013




Who is this man?  Why do we talk about him?  Why does he deserve our attention?  These are questions that many ask of Jesus.  His impact on people is unparalleled.  His vision for our lives is inspiring.  His place in history is no accident.  Nothing compares to him.  No one compare to him.  No one.

Jesus…he’s the one who cannot be ignored.  Join ValleyPoint Church  as we investigate the unforgettable life of Jesus as found in the gospel of John.

Listen To “Jesus




Chosen is an interesting word that has the idea of being marked.  Chosen…it speaks of someone or something that has been selected to complete an urgent task.  The Church is actually something that has been chosen.  It’s been chosen by God to share the greatest message of hope ever.  That message is how God’s love is available for all people.

Join ValleyPoint as we investigate the early church in Acts chapters 1 & 2.  We will consider how we have been chosen to fulfill a purpose that can outlive every single one of us!

Listen To “Chosen




Have you ever gone through a season in life that involves loss, pain, or crisis? These seasons can be described as “molten moments.”  These moments often arrive unannounced, leaving us feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, and hopeless. While these moments in life are unwanted, how we respond will shape us and provide some of our greatest opportunities for personal growth.

Join us as we investigate the molten moments of severe disappointment, epic failure, and nagging doubt.

Listen To “Molten Moments




“Clearing the way” speaks of making it possible for something to happen. It is simply something that you do because it will help you to achieve something else. It is not the end game, but what helps you to get there.

We are in the middle of the Easter season—a season that is most meaningful for those who have trusted in Jesus alone to save them. However, if you have not, this can still be a very meaningful time for you as well. The Easter season is a time of personal reflection, thankfulness, and celebration, things that benefit everyone! Over the next 2 weeks we are going to look to Scripture to show us how to “clear the way” in our hearts so that each of us can experience a very real and personal Easter season.

Listen To “Clearing the Way




Though it is used in a variety of different ways, it is not hard to understand. “Take” means “take” pure and simple. It’s also a word we see used in the Bible. Often it’s accompanied with a challenge that involves action. We see the word, and then it calls us to “take” a step.

Join ValleyPoint as we look at four different uses of the word “take” in Scripture. But, let’s do more than look. Let’s step together!

Listen To “Take




Frantic.  Reactive.  Scattered.  Chaotic.  Stressed.  Ever feel that way about your family?  Perhaps you find yourself functioning as if your whole strategy when it comes to family is “let’s just do what needs to be done.”  Can’t we do more than just survive though?  Can’t we do better than just what needs to be done?  Can’t we actually enjoy this remarkable organization called family?

It’s possible, and it can happen.  Join ValleyPoint Church, as we’ll be investigating realistic ways to make family meaningful, satisfying, and yes, even enjoyable!

Listen To “Frantic Families




verb \im-’bed\
1:  to make something an integral part of
2:  to surround closely

It’s time to surround ourselves with truth!  Join ValleyPoint as we intentionally choose to embed Scripture into every part of our lives.

Listen To “Embed It



On this day, our Executive Pastor, Gus Sareyka takes us in to the New Year with some helpful thoughts as we begin a fresh start in January!

Listen Here



The story of Advent is one that still captivates. It still delights. It still fascinates. It’s the ultimate narrative of God arriving at the right time to rescue people. And it all happened through a baby! An infant was unexpected and not what people had in mind for a rescue plan. A baby is kind of “out there” when it comes to the grand scheme of rescuing things.

The Advent is much more than just the arrival of a new baby. It is much more than a description of a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter trying to find their way as new parents. It is much more than a stable filled with animals, or shepherds being surprised during a regular task, or wise men searching for the wise one. Advent continues to be the story of God’s amazing plan to break into our world and rescue us.

Remarkably, it all happened in a little town. Common places. Common people. This is Advent. This is God’s story. No matter how unremarkable of a place you’ve come from, or how unimpressive you feel, everything changes when God breaks into your world.

Listen to “O Little Town”



A wise man once said some very important things.  These sayings have the full potential to teach us how to live disciplined and successful lives.  These insights can also help us do what is right, just, and fair.  These wise sayings are recorded for us in the book of Proverbs.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we investigate the ancient, wise sayings of Solomon.  No cartoons.  No pithy statements.  No careless thoughts… just solid, God-inspired, truth that shows us how to live.

Listen to “Said No One Ever



Movies can be fascinating. They captivate. They inspire. They invoke emotion. They make
us laugh. Sometimes they make us cry. We like movies because they give us the chance
to escape. They give us the chance to forget. They also have this unique ability to re-kindle

Movies…they can have a powerful impact. It’s why we go back and enjoy the drama as the
scenes unfold. It seems that we’re quick to say, “play the movie.”

We’re quick to say that except for when it comes to real life. We often make choices
without considering the outcome and when that happens, life becomes a dense fog. While
we never know what might happen down the road, wise people think about it. They “play
the movie” and anticipate what will happen in the end. This simple life strategy brings clarity,
purpose, and boldness.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we remind ourselves to “play the movie” and become prepared
people who approach life with a confidence that God will meet us in every scene.

Listen to “Play the Movie



“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” Orison Swett Marden

Great Aim can be defined as a choice that forever changes the direction of my life. It’s a behavior that increases my relational closeness to Jesus. It’s an action that grows mydependency on God.

Does your life lack focus? Is your current path accidental or intentional? Are you happy…yet not striving for something that makes a true difference?

Join ValleyPoint church as we investigate some very unique (even disturbing) stories in Scripture that speak of “great aim.” Aim at anything…or aim at something? What do you want your life to say?

Listen to “Great Aim



Join us as we take a look in to the future of ValleyPoint.  We will look at what’s ahead in our compassion efforts, what is coming for your kids and students, and we will top it off with 10 reasons why this is going to be the best fall ValleyPoint has ever known!  You will not want to miss any as these weeks as we peek into a future that is looking bright!

Listen To: “Bright Eyes



There may be nothing more annoying in life than a “know-it-all.”  They’re obnoxious.  They’re clueless.  And they most certainly do not “know-it-all!”  One of the dangers of following Christ is that we begin to settle for gathering information about God.  In a sense, we get a bit prideful because we know a few thing.  The stories engage us.  the teaching encourages.  The takeaways help with life.  But instead of acting on the information, we place it all on a shelf.  Our knowledge becomes nothing more than a table decoration because we don’t do something with it.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we walk through the entire book of Titus.  This book will captivate.  It will also convict.  Knowing is not enough.  We must…do something!

Listen To: “Titus”



It’s back…the teaching experience you asked for!  In this series, Pastor Eric Koehler will answer questions that were submitted by you!  This unique and thought provoking series will empower you with the answers to some of life’s toughest questions.  Don’t miss any of these weeks!

Listen To: “FAQ’s”



There are a few all-American staples of summertime: trips to the beach, backyard barbeques, fireworks and of course, baseball.  It is America’s greatest pastime, but do we ever really take the time to appreciate what we are watching?  These guys have dedicated their lives to this sport.  They have spent countless hours taking grounders, catching fly balls, hitting and perfecting pitches.  Only the best of the best actually make it into the major leagues.

Join us at ValleyPoint Church this summer as we look at what it takes to live “In the Zone”, and stay there.  We will learn from some individuals in Scripture who made it in to the spiritual hall of fame.

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We all cart burdens that we were never designed to carry.  Often we allow these burdens to weigh us down.  They make us weary, powerless and isolated.  When these burdens are not released, they lead us to a prison cell of darkness.  Unfortunately, “The Cell” becomes the new normal.  It becomes home.  The suffocating presence of this new home crushes our dreams and throws us into misery.  It’s a place that’s hard to leave.  It’s also a place we can’t get out of on our own.  We need…a shepherd.

Join ValleyPoint as we use the ancient words of the twenty-third Psalm to escape “The Cell.”  We’ll take a look at some of the most famous words ever penned.  Words that inspire.  Words that encourage.  Words that comfort.  Words that lead us out of “The Cell.”

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Listen as Pastor Eric Koehler share some encouraging words to the moms at ValleyPoint.

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Money seems to be this untouchable thing that we can’t really talk about with others. Most people are raised from childhood to not talk about money, but they don’t know why this unwritten rule exists. And why is that?

Based on misinformation, poor examples, or even our own desires, we’re left on our own to figure things out financially. This “plan” has led to a culture swarmed with debt, financial stress, and personal brokenness. Even Scripture tells us that “Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after.” Maybe money is just a bad thing. Not so. Money matters!

Join ValleyPoint church as we look at God’s plan for financial stewardship. It’s a plan that gives us the freedom to climb the generosity ladder, and pursue His true desires!

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Have you ever wished that your life could slow down…even just a bit? Ever wished that you could make life simpler? Ever wish you could snap your fingers and do less, disconnect, drive slower, single-task, and just breathe? So often the pressure to pack our lives full of activity and maximize our time by doing more consumes us. Being consumed leads to frantic activity. The problem with frantic activity is that it can potentially cause a dramatic life crash. Not good.

If we go on living as if cluttered is normal and good, unhappiness will rule. Anxiety, stress, and depression will become our normal modus operandi. Join ValleyPoint church as we have an honest discussion on how to say no to craziness by simplifying our lives. It’s possible!

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Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter!

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Ever dream of doing something great with your life? Ever wonder what it would be like to give people something to talk about – in a good way? Do you dream of having big impact, but think it will never happen because you don’t move in the right circles? Lasting impact may be just a small choice away because an every day commitment to obey God gives us the opportunity for a “not so small” kind of life. Small choices directed by God have the potential to lead to big impact. When we place our small lives in the hands of a big God, we get the opportunity to be used by God in ways that are disproportionate  o who we are. And this is a good thing!

Join ValleyPoint church as we investigate the lives of four Old Testament characters that don’t have the “big name.” They don’t come with attention grabbing headlines. No children’s books are written describing their great actions. However, they had the kind of impact that can’t really be measured. They lived an unSmall kind of life simply because they chose obedience over convenience.

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It seems that wanting to be “like Jesus” is something that inspires many people.  It sounds like a nice idea.  We picture Jesus as being ultimately kind and willing to help the helpless.  Jesus was truly all of that and much more.  It’s the “more” part that we sometimes avoid.

There is another side to Jesus that we don’t often investigate.  It’s the side of Jesus that threw down hard challenges.  He often gave the type of challenges that would cause many to walk away saying, “it’s too hard.”

In reality, do we actually want to be like Jesus?  Do we really want to follow after Him?  If so, we must look at His words and then act.  Join ValleyPoint Church as we investigate some of the sayings of Jesus that have the potential to help us move beyond the status quo.

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Boundaries are unique because they have a way of keeping things in place.  They provide sight lines that determine where you can and can’t go.  Unfortunately, when we think of boundaries, we often see them as limiting, binding, or confining.  Boundaries limit us in games and in life.  Or…do they?

Join us for this fun experience as we investigate how living “In Bounds” can actually bring the greatest amount of freedom.

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? As a matter of fact, even
the fence is better on the other side of the fence! Everything is perfect on the other side, and
we want perfect.

In a fast-paced, consumer-driven culture, it seems that there is a constant push to make sure
that I buy more things, have more fun, take another vacation, have perfect kids, and chase
the perfect life on the “other side of the fence.”

The reality is, God wants you to enjoy life right where you are. It’s possible! Join ValleyPoint
Church as we explode the greener grass conspiracy!

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Experience a night of making spirits merry and bright at “A ValleyPoint Christmas.”  Be captivated by the story of a baby who changed the world.

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This season that is right in front of us is unique. As Harry Connick Jr., Andy Williams, and Johnny Matthis endlessly remind us, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And it is. Behind all of the stuff and the events are people.

It’s kind of like the very first Christmas.  That first celebration was about people – just the way God wanted it. Joseph. Mary. Baby Jesus. Shepherds. Wise Men.  We love to focus on the cuddly baby, the angels who sang, and the adoring parents. But before the baby, Mary, and Joseph…there are other people that are part of the genealogy of Jesus.

When you look at some of the people listed, you just shake your head and say, “WHO?!” They’re people with a past. They’re people with issues. They’re people with secrets. They’re people like us.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we look at unexpected people who had surprising impact.

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Core Values by definition are “principles that guide”. To keep it real simple, Core Values provide a path on which to travel. Core Values are those things that help define, drive, and determine.

They define who we are. They drive how we function. They determine what gets celebrated. Core Values actually give us an excuse to throw a party! When we stay on “the path” that our core values have set before us…party time!

Core Values are so much more than just a bunch of words thrown together that look good as a wall decoration. They should define, drive, and determine.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we share our Core Values – values filled with action, commitment, and alignment!

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The story of Jonah in Scripture is truly fascinating. It’s mysterious. It gives us a good laugh. It raises a lot of questions. It seems that most people know something of the story of a man and the “big fish.” But what should we do with this story?

When you dig into the story, it begs you to “jump in” and participate. It begs you to personalize the questions. It begs you to take a look at what may lie beneath the surface of our own lives that would cause us to keep God at a comfortable distance.

Jonah’s a lot like us in many ways. He runs. He gets mad. He becomes preoccupied with himself. He forgets. He grumbles. There’s a lot going on below the surface of his life that no one sees. No one but God.

Join ValleyPoint Church as we look at what lies beneath our actions, motives, and thoughts.

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On this day, we celebrate the Grand Opening of our new name, as well as our 40th birthday as a faith community.  For the past 40 years, we have been helping families in the Delaware Valley grow in their faith and thrive in their relationships.  From our first hand full of leaders who dreamed the dream, to the dynamic leadership that continues to dream new dreams today, we have been a church who believes in serving its community while expecting nothing in return. Our dream is simple…pointing people to real relationships that inspire real significance. Looking for real relationships? Looking for a way to have real significance? You can find it at ValleyPoint Church!

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Is it possible that we occasionally respect sin by not getting rid of it as it appears? Is it possible that we sometimes respect sin by sweeping what we consider to be “small” under the rug? Is it possible that we respect sin by laughing it off as no big deal? Maybe these “respectable sins” seem small and insignificant, but they’re still sin. Throughout this series we will offer real hope for having victory over the sins we tolerate.

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In this talk Eric unpacks our recent name change and how, as ValleyPoint, we exist to point people to real relationships that inspire real significance.

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ValleyPoint remembers the victims and those who were affected by the events of September 11th 2001, and reflects on how “Hope Survives.”

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Everyone seems to have an opinion, and everyone seems to know the best way to do things. But is there a source that we can go to that actually has good advice that never fails and always comes at the right time?

In this two part series we will be looking at the advice a man named James gives on how to navigate through the confusion that life brings.

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