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A conundrum is an intricate and difficult problem. It can also be described as anything that puzzles. For example, is technology an equalizer or a polarizer? If you try to fail, but you succeed, which have you done? What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? These are conundrums!

What is puzzling about mercy? Is extending compassion to others a true problem? After all, Jesus modeled it. He commanded that those who follow him implement mercy into their lives. Mercy should not be mysterious. HOWEVER…in the struggle to survive, provide, and live comfortably, mercy is often dismissed or diminished. Mercy is inconvenient. Messy. Antiquated. Costly. Counter-cultural. YET…it is desperately needed in a world starving for merciful interactions between neighbors and enemies.

Ready to move toward others with compassion? Ready to unleash the power of mercy in an unmerciful world?

Join ValleyPoint Church as we unpack the scandalous story Jesus shared about a “Good Samaritan.” Through this story we will seek to solve the puzzle of mercy through a four-step pattern: See. Go. Do. Endure.

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