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Love Days

Go. Serve. Love. 

These three words describe how we seek to obey God and compassionately serve others. This is our quest. An external focus that meets the needs of others is something extremely close to God’s heart. As we go, serve, and love in our backyard and around the world we get a chance to partner with God and be part of His plan to bring hope to the world. With words of love and works of love we want to selflessly serve our neighbors, schools, and communities while helping the defenseless, marginalized, and oppressed. We do this in our own backyard and through strategic partnerships around the world. We do all of this without expecting anything in return. We do this because it’s what Jesus would do.

Go. Serve. Love. In Our Backyard.

Love Days are our church-wide initiatives where we simply serve our surrounding communities. These Love Days are exciting events where we get a chance to make a difference right where we live. Through partnering with organizations, schools, and ministries, we have the opportunity to meet practical needs while serving others without expecting anything in return.

ValleyPoint partners with ministries and organizations right here in the Delaware Valley, who are committed to making a difference. Go. Serve. Love. in our backyard gives us a chance to repair and restore while making a difference where God has placed us.


– Multicolor Construction Paper
– Sharpened Pencils
– Pencil Sharpeners
– Sharpies (packs of Black and packs of Color)
– Crayola Markers for children
– 6 brooms (inexpensive but not the cheapest little ones)
– Bathroom foam cleaning spray
– 6 large bottles of hand sanitizer with pump
– Clip Boards (inexpensive dollar store is fine)
– Packing Tape
– Painters Tape
– Masking Tape
– Duct Tape
– Paper Plates 
– Paper Towels
– Cases of Water
– Cases of kids snacks (like from Costco or Walmart – fruit chewies, various flavors of chips)
– Cases of Powerade

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