Love Days

Go. Serve. Love. 

These three words describe how we seek to obey God and compassionately serve others. This is our quest. An external focus that meets the needs of others is something extremely close to God’s heart. As we go, serve, and love in our backyard and around the world we get a chance to partner with God and be part of His plan to bring hope to the world. With words of love and works of love we want to selflessly serve our neighbors, schools, and communities while helping the defenseless, marginalized, and oppressed. We do this in our own backyard and through strategic partnerships around the world. We do all of this without expecting anything in return. We do this because it’s what Jesus would do.

Go. Serve. Love. In Our Backyard.

Love Days are our church-wide initiatives where we simply serve our surrounding communities. These Love Days are exciting events where we get a chance to make a difference right where we live. Through partnering with organizations, schools, and ministries, we have the opportunity to meet practical needs while serving others without expecting anything in return.

ValleyPoint partners with ministries and organizations right here in the Delaware Valley, who are committed to making a difference. Go. Serve. Love. in our backyard gives us a chance to repair and restore while making a difference where God has placed us.


December Love day!

December’s Love Day is not confined to one day, and it provides an opportunity for all to get involved in serving others in multiple ways during the Christmas Season. Find items that work for you and enjoy being a bright light. When it could become easy to be self-focused, challenge yourself to pray and reach out to others consistently. Try something new!   



Unusual circumstances call for God’s people to pray. 

Pray for the Sick & Vulnerable

Do you need help? If you find yourself with either physical needs or economic needs as a result of this pandemic, please e-mail so we can assess and guide you to the right resources. We are committed to support and love our church through this time.

A Prayer for the Sick & Vulnerable

God, give those who are sick and vulnerable:

  • a fast recovery and full healing
  • a community of friends and family who provide laughter, care, and love
  • the peace that only you can give during trying times
  • an ability to trust in your will, no matter what that looks like
  • a hope in Jesus that no pain, sickness, or suffering in this life can ever take away

Pray for our Government Officials:


Governor John Carney
Senator Christopher A. Coons
Senator Thomas R. Carper
Representative Lisa Blunt-Rochester

See full list of DE officials here


Governor Tom Wolf
Senator Pat Toomey
Senator Bob Casey Jr.
Representative Craig Williams
Representative Mary Scanlon

See full list of PA officials here

A Prayer for Government Officials:

God, give our government leaders:

  • wisdom to discern what is right, just, and best
  • words that bring clarity and confidence
  • safety as they run toward the problems
  • a sense of purpose and joy in their public service
  • a swift end to this pandemic
  • support 

Pray for our School Leaders


Tammy J. Croce Ed.D. – Executive Director for DASA

See full list of leaders here


Dr. Mark DiRocco – Executive Director for PASA

See full list of leaders here 

A Prayer for School Leaders:

  • wisdom to discern what is right, just, and best
  • words that bring clarity and confidence
  • safety as they run toward the problems
  • a sense of purpose and joy in their public service
  • a swift end to this pandemic
  • support from staff, students, parents, and the communities they serve 

A Prayer for Healthcare Professionals and First Responders:

God, give our healthcare professionals and first responders:

  • Wisdom and strength as their endurance is tested
  • Faith that will triumph over fears of the unknown
  • Clear, sound minds to focus on protocols
  • Peace that only comes from God in the midst of chaos
  • Protection from the virus themselves so they can treat and care for those inflicted
  • Words of comfort and compassion to offer every patient they see
  • Grace for their coworkers who are also feeling overwhelmed
  • Protection for their families as they take the stress home and try to remain present

A Prayer for Our Church

  • Pray God would empower us to be the light of the world. 
  • Pray that God might use our love to bring healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Pray for peace over uncertainty, trust over worry, faith over fear.
  • Pray that people would see Jesus through our love.
  • Pray for conversations, that we would be attune to opportunities to explain our hope
  • Pray for an end to this, that health would be restored to our world and to our communities soon. 

Let’s pray like never before using the guides listed because worshiping through prayer isn’t canceled. 


In the past several months, it may have seemed difficult to find ways to reach out to others. We cannot allow fear to keep us from shining the light of Christ to those around us. There are many ways we can demonstrate love to others while still maintaining safety protocols. 

Those in Need:

  • Donate food and hygiene products to your local food shelter, as many of them are struggling to keep up with demand.
  • Give a grocery gift card to a family that may need an extra boost.
  • Donate new or gently used clothing, coats, or shoes to an organization such as Friendship House.

The Sick & Vulnerable

If you know someone who is sick or especially vulnerable to COVID-19:

  • Check in daily by phone, text, or email. Sometimes just knowing someone cares and is praying helps.
  • Ask them, “how can I help?” Chances are they are scared to go shopping for food or other life essentials. If you are a younger adult who is healthy, you could help them with these errands.
  • Ask them, “how can I pray for you?” Then actually pray.
  • Send a card or write a letter letting the person know that you care and are thinking of him or her.
  • Drop off a gift bag with a craft or puzzle bag or other small items.
  • Invite them to join our online gatherings on Facebook, YouTube (search for ValleyPoint Church), or  

Healthcare Professionals, Medical Workers, First Responders

  • Make a meal or give a gift card to a local restaurant
  • Buy coffee-gift cards! 
  • Take their families something tasty to enjoy. 

Mail Carriers, Trash Collectors, Delivery Workers

  • Write a card or note expressing your appreciation and thanks
  • Leave a small, prepacked snack out for each to take one
  • Give a small gift card

The People in Your Influence

Bosses, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives, Business Owners

Ask they how they are doing and offer to pray with and for them. Many organizational leaders are faced with extremely difficult decisions and do not always receive encouragement or positive reinforcement during strenuous seasons.  


Take this opportunity to teach your kids about Jesus’ compassion. Take full advantage of what is offered through KidPoint. (point to web)


Many coaches are delivering devastating news to players. Comfort them. Encourage them. Help them see how their players are looking to them for direction. 


In the midst of changing schedules with the impact of COVID-19, let teachers know that you are praying for them. Check-in with them regularly. Offer a gift card. 

Neighbors, Families, Friends

Take advantage of social media and invite your neighbors, families, and friends to watch ValleyPoint online. Who knows?! Maybe your “online invitation” could make a difference. 

Let’s be ready, willing, and intentional about loving our neighbors. Through our actions, let’s point people to real relationships and real significance!

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